New To Cubase 13 Pro, need a bit of help with playback modes

Hi Guys.

I’m coming from Protools, done with he subscription crap and just Avid in general.

Loving cubase. However, there are a few things I’m used to, that I can’t figure out if cubase is capable of

So right now, playback is my issue.

In protools if you select a range anywhere in the session, and hit the space bar, it will play from that range…I understand that there is a key command that can be set to mimic the behavior, but id rather not have to use one key to play from selection and another, to stop playback, anyone know if cubase can be set up to just play from selection using the space bar start/stop?

Also is thee a way to color multiple channels at once, not audio regions, actual channels?

If I understand correctly what you’re after, you can use Alt+Space or even change the assignment to Space for “Transport->Play Selection Range”.

Sure, you can select individual tracks together by using Ctrl-click and then use the color tool.


Thanks for the reply.

So in the case of the play back, i was hoping to have the play head start from my selection, using just the start stop spacebar function.

Using Transport->Play Selection Range i have a key command for it, but it only PLAYS from the selection, if i hit that key command again it doesn’t stop, it just restarts the play head… , i have to use the space bar to stop …so I was hoping to get that functionality all in one keystroke. not hte biggest deal , but definitely frustrating after having playback work like that for so many years

I totally understand this. Note that the gate-property of the “play selection range” instead of a toggle, is mainly due to the fact that many times we simply want to re-audition the range. Now, pressing alt+space to begin playing the range, or space to begin playing from the cursor position, and then hit again space to stop in both cases, is something that we can get used to it as well, given some time :slight_smile:

Some things will definitely take getting used to.

But overall. Very very happy.

Would - Start from selection - in the Transport menu under Start Modes help?

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Just give Alt+Space a try (Mac: Option+Space).
I use it all the time. Since the Alt key is directly next to the space bar it is super easy to reach.

Of course, you can change the default key command to any other key.

I’d go with @Tracker 's suggestion. It’s a shiny new feature! Choose where playback starts from! Start from Project Cursor Position! Start from Cycle start! Start from Selection! Start from Selecton OR Cycle Start!

First make sure no event is selected in the project window. Then, select the tracks you want to color. Then go to the top Color Toolbar and select a color. All tracks should become this color.
(For Cubase, “track” is the project entity, and “channel” is the mixer entity. Tracks carry data - audio events and parts (these are what PT calls audio regions I guess?), while channels carry the audio signal.

Very Helpful, Thank you.

learning the cubase nomenclature is sometimes where the problem lies.

Hope you guys don’t mind if I come back here with more PT to Cubase questions

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Would - Start from selection - in the Transport menu under Start Modes help?

BINGO!! That’s the one!