New to Cubase 13

Hi - I have been a casual user of Cubase 6 AI which I received with a Yamaha MOX6 synth 9-10 years ago. I also have a Novation SL MKII controller. I was previously using Mac OS and I have just updated to Cubase 13 and new windows 11 desktop and laptop.
I have tried loading the software for the MOX and the SLMkII.
I noticed Novation’s Automap utility does not seem to work in Cubase 13 and Novation had announced they were discontinuing support for Automap. I have never carried out custom midi mapping so I was wondering if anyone is aware of an alternative ready-made mapping for the SL MK II that can be downloaded?
I have downloaded Remote Tools / Yamaha USB driver for the MOX6 - has anybody had any issues with this in Cubase 13?
Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Yes, it is crashing Cubase.

Go for the Novation SL MkIII (MK3) MIDI Remote Script. It’s awesome!

Hi Martin, would it work for the mk 2? I don’t really know.

Hi Steve.

Just a little insight on how to get Automap going in CB13.

Novation stopped support for Automap with Cubase, 10.5 being the last version.

I have successfully used Automap with Cubase 11 & 12 with a minor glitch where the SL MKII would randomly stop working in Cubase. Turning the SL MKII off and on solves the problem. It seemed to work in Cubase 13 under a brief test with CB13 AI.

If you still have the eLicencer dongle, install your Cubase 6 and setup Automap as usual.

After you have setup Automap for Cubase 6 navigate to the Cubase 6 Program Files folder, and open the “Components” folder. There you will see two “CubaseAutomapClient” dll files. Copy these to the CB13 “Components” folder.

Open CB13 and navigate to Studio\Studio Setup and top left “+ Add Device”, and select “Novation Automap” from the drop down menu and continue to set up your MIDI I/O Ports for the SL MKII.

Restart CB13.

(Side note)
Since you have upgraded to CB13, you may be able to install CB10.5 (Dongle still needed) just to setup Automap. This is what I do.

Good luck.

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Sorry, I didn’t notice. It depends, how are the MIDI Ports named (and how do you search for them in the script) and how much are the devices similar. If it’s just a facelift update, then it will work. :wink: It’s definitely worth to try.

Sorry I’m late thanking you for the comments and suggestions.
I will try the script you mentioned . Automap definitely isn’t working In C13 Artist and I also tried the SL Remote Editor downloaded from Novation without much success due to my limited understanding of MIDI set ups. I’ve rediscovered my copy of the Midi Manual ( David Miles Huber) and this should help me get a better understanding of the protocol.
I have tried the MIDI Remote Mapping feature in C13 and tried to follow Dom Sigalas You Tube explanation of how to custom map any midi keyboard but not been going too well so far. The grid layout and move/click process seems less that intuitive for an older guy like me!
Any way I’ll keep at it - thanks again.