new to cubase 6 and cubase need help

i just got cubase 6 my first ever cubase, when i load cubase up the first thing is says is port 1 microphone high definit l/o mapped ports unmapped and it says same in 2nd port, my sound card is pci express creative blaster xfi titanium fatalty do i need a audio interface to sort this out, most of menus at top of cubase are blocked will not let me open them up to.

A “proper” sound card would go a long way to making life easier.

You could try downloading and installing the ASIO4ALL driver.

Also you should create a new project from the file menu, things will work better!!!

Try reading the getting started manual it will really help.

Happy Xmas :stuck_out_tongue:

if i was you i`d watch the tutorial disc that came with your cubase . merry x-mas

Select the correct ASIO driver in Device Setup.

thanks for your replys i have done what you said to do and problem is still there,do i need a audio interface because i was going to get a Steinberg UR28M.

A UR28M would do just fine It’s a 4 in 6 out audio interface.

Trash Prefs and set it up again. Select the correct ASIO driver in Device Setup and then the correct buses in VST Connections. Make sure the buses are selected on the tracks.