new to cubase 6, why do plugins stay at the front ?

Hi again guys, ok s in previous versions of cubase, if i have a plug in on the screen and i bring up the mixer it appears in front of the plug in, however in cubase 6 the plug in always stays at the front, is there a way to change this so that whenever i bring something else up it appears at the front ? thnks

Set the mixer to Always On Top via right click or untick that option for Plugs in Prefs and the GUI.

have you checked by right clicking at the top of the plugin if its set to "always ontop "?


ive unchecked the plug in ‘always on top’ option in preferences and applied. but no change, also when i right click at the top of a plug in i onl get the options move, size or close

lol it works now, not sure why it didnt to start with, cheers for your help again :slight_smile:

(just for clarification… that option in Preferences controls only the way newly-opened plugin windows will open. It does not change the status of plugin windows that are already open).

ah i see, thanks again :slight_smile:

Which is why I wrote: