new to Cubase 7 on mac, few issues

Hello Cubasers, I am a new switcher to cubase 7 after 17 years of logic, so far so good, just some issues with my retina macbook pro.

1-crackling noise/distortion coming out sometimes, i am using the macbook output, 44.1khz/24bit and 192 buffer, logic works without a hiccup up to 32 samples. Disabling the AISO guard helps?!
2-Full screen on macbook, I saw a demo online with the full screen option enabled in the menu, IT DOES NOT show up here at all, driving me crazy, i hope steinberg did not only enable this for the 2 screen/mixer
3-how do you record loopmash automation, doesnt do that!
4-anyone have a suggestion for an Autofilter Logic plug-in equivalent, i really miss that!
5-I edited the key-command for RECORD to option+space bar, could not even get the default to work on my laptop, is there specific key templets for that!

I think you’ll have to increase the buffer to 512 unfortunately

I have logic and can run 32 / 64 all day even at high sample rates.

But you have no chance on Cubase with a Mac.

I’m not sure about the other things you’ve asked about.

Autofilter is nice in logic :slight_smile:

Record command is that star on the far right hand side, not sure what it’s called. Just below F19.

I’m not sure what you do, but you can disable the dashboard keys on your mac. So you can use them as commands.

F2 is transport bar
F3 is mixer
F4 Connections
F5 Mediabay
F6 Automation Panel

Numbers 1 to 9 is to change from the arrow / scissors / hand / rubber etc

C is Metronome

G is to make the timeline narrower
H is to make it wider

1…the best is to use an external audio interface. I can get a 128 samples decent performance on macpro/2009 with a RME PCIEe onboard. Obviously logic is better optimized than Cubase (the least that apple can do :sunglasses: )
2… really I don´t know what is happening (…perhaps deficient retina display support?..??) I’m using Cubase 7 on two displays with no problems
3… Loopmash is full explained in Plug-in_reference pdf document. This VST instrument works synchronized with you tempo project. If you like to record it you have to create an audio track plus a dedicated output bus. Set the audio output of the instrument track (with loopmash) to this Bus and then select this Bus as the audio input of your audio track. Arm this track and play record.
4… what does Autofilter exactly do? :question:
5…record: asterisk * :slight_smile: Follow PAUL1984 advices about to disable F1…F12 function keys: very important
Welcome to mac&cubase users community: “rara avis” (translate this as “exotic birds”) :wink:
Patience, read manuals, post here your issues, have a look to MT Hepworth videos
Within a few weeks you´ll become an experienced Cubase user and you will not regret

Thank you guys for all the help, I am really enjoying cubase, daws are not a religion, I choose the one that helps my creativity best and cubase delivers on the other had I love that it forces you to write the music then mix, the musician in me used to get too distracted by the engineering side trying to mix and sound design while composing…I also love the limitations and simplicity that it forces upon you without sacrificing the power options, logic is like a big jungle compared to this things…
The videos are very helpful, I can navigate my way around cubase, here is what I found so far
-Laptops don’t have f19, so I assigned the record to option +spacebar like in protools
-got the function keys workings,
-so far it seems to be working nicely at 192 samples giving me less than 5ms in latency, with laptops our choices are so limited, those pci cards rock! They have the best low latency, usb2 interfaces give me double the latency of the internal sound card, I had an apogee duet 2 and tried the one… They do sound very nice indeed and good for tracking, but for writing music I need the fastest latency to avoid delays, the MacBook internal card is very decent for that. Until someone comes up with a thunderbolt, pci solution I will keep it like that, unless I need to record something…

Logic auto filter,is a very fancy filter triggered with multiple LFOs…
The closest I found is vengeance sound philta, still investigating it!