New to Cubase 9.5 having problems

Hi all I recently downloaded my trial for 9.5 of cubase elements and im experincing problems. I have installed it so everything is in the same folder. set up a new project and gone into studio setup set up my focursite set sample rate to 192khz buffersize 32. when i try to record after a few seconds of hitting the record button i get an error saying audio drop out detected…im not sure whats going on but im sure i shouldent be getting this issue im on powerfull computer.


i7 7700k
z270 asus maximus ix formula
16gb ddr4 3200mhz

Focusrite scarlet 2i2 second gen.

Neuman tlm102

For what do you set the samplerate to 192kHz???
Set it to 44,1 or 48 and be a lucky user.

I was under the impresion that you should set the sample rate to the highest quality when doing voice over recordings. am i wrong?

This buffer size is extremely low for the sample rate you’re using. Even a high end PCI audio interface with great drivers would have trouble with that.

I strongly recommend to use 96kHz maximum. Increase the buffer size if you hear audio glitches.

For recording, either 44.1kHz or 48kHz is enough. More than that just increases the file size while likely introducing ultrasonic noise to your recordings.

Hi domjam -

Watch this: