New to Cubase and looking for a specific VST

Hello, I am new in cubase and before I bought it I’ve heard I could micmic many instruments without actually having them …

I am looking for a very specific sound which came from the old “Solina” keyboard …

I played with the retrologue 2 but I couldn’t achieve anything that sounds quite the same or even close …

Could anyone please help me figure out how to achieve it?

Thanks in advance!

Without knowing which specific sound you are looking for, it will be difficult to suggest something. :wink:

Record the sound, or look for a Youtube video with a similar sound.

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Maybe a look at what is included in HAlion Sonic SE could help…

there are many synths that actually try to replica the sound of a Solina.
Arturia Solina and Solina Redux to name a few.

I can’t recall a claim from Cubase nor Steinberg that they have a synth like this.

but creating a string sound in Retrologue sounding Solina’ish I guess should be possible.

there are many videos on youtube that can teach you how to program this synth, but there is even a preset in Retrologue called “Defect Solina” so look what they have done there and go from there is my tip for now

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Thanks a lot for the answers, I will try again when I am hone with the “Defect Solina” :slight_smile:

The sound I am after start at 0:35 and at 1:48 - 1:49 at youtube video called " Void Vision - Sour" uploader Shari Vari …
Sadly I am not able to link in my post >.<

I appreciate the support!

Thanks. Actually, my bad… I didn’t realize you’re talking about “the” Solina.

Anyway, the Arturia Solina V has already been mentioned, which would probably be the most obvious.

Edit: I just saw this on sale:

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Wow thanks a lot!

Is it a cubase plugin or an external plugin?
In case its external, can I connect it into cubase?

Also is Arturia any better than the redux?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

You can “connect” nearly all plug-ins that use the VST standard as interface…

Arturia has a Demo version available and it works very well… and it’s usable standalone.
Actually these recreations are an interesting playground :wink:

I am pretty sure , one of these is capable: