New to Cubase and midi...having output issue.

Gday folk…I have been recording for some time…guitarist/songwriter. I was using N-track and thought it was time I joined the real world. I now have Cubase Elements 8 and am new to it. I am also new to midi. Oh and I have just bought a ur242…sweet.

Ok… the ur242 audio interface is working fine and I can record guitars and mics no problem in Cubase. But I’m obviously doing something wrong in setting up Cubase to recognize my Arturia Keylab 49 which is connected to my puder via USB. I can hear the keyboard through my audio interface but cubase gets nothing.

When I go to Device Setup/Midi Port Setup I can see that both my audio interface in and keyboard in are active. But in midi output only my ur242 is active. My keyboard in inactive. No output. So I’m thinking the fix should be simple yet I’m damned if I know what I’m doing wrong.

Ha, I’m feeling very noob stupid to midi…I can hear the keyboard but Cubase can’t.
Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Do you run up some Arturia software to make the sound when you play the keylab?

If so, then you need to get your head around how to create and play Virtual Instruments (VSTi’s) in Cubase because the instrument needs to be running ‘inside’ Cubase rather than standalone. Then you can direct Cubase to record the midi coming in and it will play back to the VSTi you have chosen, and you’ll hear the audio.


Thanks for your reply Mike.

Yes I am running the Arturia software as I have a quite large selection of well emulated synthesizers in there being the reason I purchased this particular product in the first place.
If I understand what you are saying then that would mean that I am unable to actually use what I bought the keylab for and that just seems wrong to me. Why would they sell a Midi keyboard that is made for that particular software creating a large array of emulations of well known old synths that sound really good if you cannot actually use it for anything. It’s made for the recording artist. That’s what is created for. It’s supposed to be compatible with all major DAWS.

I’m thinking you mean I can only use the keyboard to trigger virtual instrument that are already inside Cubase and I don’t believe that can be correct. I very much appreciate your input and if I am understanding you correctly I just don’t believe that you are correct. Or maybe I just don’t want to. I purchase the ur242 because it has midi i/o and same with the keylab with the understanding that I would be able to link them together somehow and it would be usable.

Although I am trying to use it with the keyboard straight to the usb like I’ve read you can do to connect to all major DAWS…it also has midi i/o. and so does my ur242. Please someone tell me that I can link my keylab to the software via usb then link my keyboard to the ur242 and have it work in this DAW like I was told it would.

I need to be able to link my new hybrid synthesizer to Cubase…it is supposed to be usable with all major DAWS…I’m starting to freak a bit as I bought the ur242 and cubase with the understanding it would be compatable with my keylab which is as I said a hybrid synthesizer…it’s huge…I have access to about 10 full old school synthesizers…that’s why I have it…I need to add some synth to my recordings. It makes no sense to me at all that I cannot link it up with Cubase to record with. HELP. It must be possible.

Can somebody tell me if it is possible to get my software to work within Cubase??? I’m behind, I have new songs that need to be recorded. I had to move across to 24 bit recording and catch up so as to get a better recording. Sigh…I have been checking out the sounds built into cubase I know how to trigger them…I’m a musician…I play my instruments…I only use DAWS to record my music. Not build it inside the DAW. I’m not a DJ or rapper. I am chasing proper old school tone…not beeps and boops The sounds within Cubase are nice enough and whatever for some types of rap and house stuff…but I build my own sound. I am self taught and am also a recluse so please excuse my language as I really don’t know all the proper terminology and am not used to communicating with humans. Am I seriously going to have to find another DAW…na…it makes no sense. Why would Arturia build this great product…I mean it’s really got some good stuff going on and then advertise it usable with all major DAWs if it wasn’t true? My understanding is that Cubase is a major DAW I wanted to get it all set up…then when all is working and I’m happy working inside Cubase…upgrade to Artist. I sure I hope I haven’t wasted money on these Steinberg products I’ve purchased. Na makes no sense. I’m sure there are folk here that must understand my meaning. I’ll stop and hope someone else can point me in the right direction…thanks again.

I’m thinking of buying the keylab 88, and I’ve done a certain amount of background research but I’m not an expert because I haven’t yet made the purchase yet!

OK, first things first. The AnalogLab software that you mention has both a standalone and a VST version. You’re currently using the standalone version, but you should also have the VST version installed and this is the one that Cubase will use (you may need to re-run your installation if you didn’t install the VST version).

So, in Cubase you create a new VST Instrument and select the AnalogLab. But, I can’t give you specifics here because I don’t have Elements or AnalogLab. This is really where you need to read your manual and mug up on some tutorials to see how Cubase works with VSTi’s and midi, if you don’t already know.


Hello again Mike…thanks for your patience sir.

Okay now that you’ve explained it like that, I have much more of an idea of what you mean. From memory I didn’t install the VST version. As I didn’t have a new DAW yet I just wanted to check out what I can do within Analoglab and I have Mini V2 which is quite nice too…

Yeah yeah ah cool man thanks…yeah I will be able to sort that out…that’s where I’m going wrong. That won’t be hard to get sorted at all. Thank god…I’m such a midi noob…I was starting to peak out a bit on that. I just wasn’t rapping my head around what you said the first time. I totally understand now though…that will be easy to sort…it’s nearly 3 in the morning here and I’m gunna shut down soon but I’ll get onto that as soon as I have time.

Just one last thing Mike…I have been digging around playing with analoglab for a few weeks now and it’s great. It really does do a great job. I am well pleased and know that I am gunna be able to create some great sounds with it…let alone all the great sounds already there that can be manipulated as well. These emulated synths do really sound good and for the price you pay…it’s one of the better options…the other options that are comparable are much more expensive and seriously Arturia did a good job. The keyboard itself is also solid and even heavier than I expected…I read alot too before deciding to go this way and saw the negative posts about the keyboard…but it is good…for in the studio, unless you intend to treat it rough…it’s great. All knobs, sliders and keys are fine…they aren’t rock solid…but as long as you handle it normally it will last just fine and is seriously mapped with analoglab great.

Thanks again.

TBH you got me worried too! Until I checked out the Arturia Keylap page and saw that there’s a VST version too.

I’ve used various Arturia plugins in other studios the past, yep they’re great, so when I come to purchase I’ll be getting the V Collection as well. Big pity they don’t do the Keylab88 in black tho :frowning:

Hope it all goes well. We’re generally a helpful bunch on this website :slight_smile:


Being new to midi, I just wanted to make sure I could get everything running and try a few recordings…make sure I’m happy then yeah and got my head around adding midi stuff to my songs…then I will also be going for the V Collection. It’s massive and will open up so much for me.

haha ya want it in black…I have quite a guitar collection and many are black…I even bought the dark green headphones just to move away from the other 5 or 6 headphones I have that are all black lol…I like the keyboard…in real life it does look really good actually…it pleasing to the eye.

I have my eye on a few more guitars at the moment and I’m thinking I have enough black ones…gunna try some other colors. I must be getting old…nearly every piece of clothing I have is black…and I’m kinda over it hahaha…after reading your first reply I totally misunderstood your meaning and I go off on my tangents. Crazy (oops remove curse word) recluse…

Your patience at my noobi rave and taking the time to make it a bit clearer to me is very much appreciated. I’m pretty sure I know exactly what I must do now and it’s really quite simple to do.

We are undeadtrev

Thanks so very much Mike…yeah I had everything set up right…I didn’t have the keyboard linked to the VST within Cubase…I had the VST in the correct place…I just wasn’t thinking it out…so hot here at the moment…silly heat wave its bad…knocking everyone about hahaha that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I’m not going to admit it was just a simple noob being an idiot. That would be embarrassing has…oh well learning without having ever seen it done is not always the simplest way I suppose.

Thanks again

We are undeadtrev the midi noob :wink:

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Glad to help there undeadtrev!