New to Cubase, can't find selection of my audio interface!

Hello there,
Just downloaded Cubase few days ago, and couldn’t wait to record something, but I got stuck in the very beginning…

The program was normally installed, but when I want to find my audio interface in the studio setup, I can’t find my audio interface option. I am using the onyx blackjack driver on the windows laptop, I am sure my audio interface is properly connected to the computer, I can use some programs like Goldwave to record something from the mic and guitar.

So from the attachment 1 below,
Shouldn’t the onyx blackjack be shown as a seletion in the box?
But all I can see is Generic low latency asio driver and No driver.
but in the audio connection input page, I can see my audio interface in the device port.
However, I can’t record any sound. This is kind of driving me crazy…

Hopefully this is a stupid beginner question, and can be solved easily.
Thanks for you guys’ answer and reply in advance!!

Hi and welcome,

Yes, the driver should appear. I would recommend to reinstall the driver. Make sure you are installing 64-bit driver. I would also recommend to install it as administrator.