New to cubase; confused and need help with finding the right commands to map keys to

Thanks in advance for any help.

So, I switched to Cubase for composing.

  1. I am used to vertically zoom via pressing Ctrl+Shift+Mousewheel, is it possible to map this somehow? Appearently only Ctrl+MW is horizontal and Shift+MW is forward and backwards in time.

  2. This is the most pressing issue: Is it possible to open a fullwindow of the key editor and close it with the same key? I have mapped the window to V but I can only close it via Return. However return only opens the bottom Editor not the windowed editor. I would like to do both with the same key. Ideally have one key that only opens and closes the windowed editor and not use the bottom editor at all.

  3. How can I enter a fullscreen mode of Cubase? This would be useful because pop ups don’t show up and I can work uninterrupted.

Thanks again

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The default Key Commands are:

  • G (Zoom Out)
  • H (Zoom In)
  • Shift+G (Zoom Out Vertically)
  • Shift+H (Zoom In Vertically)

No, sorry, there is not. There is no toggle function to Open/Close Key Editor.

Use the system Maximise window buttons, please. Are you on Mac or Windows?

Maybe, you should consider to use Workspaces.

Thank you for the answer.

Thank you, but I couldn’t find an option to map these keys with a keybind of Button+Mousewheel one direction in and one direction out. (Like with the other mousewheel based zooming options)

But is there a better way than to open it with one key and press return 2 times to go to the lower bar and then have it toggled off with another return click? Return seems to toggle the editor included in the project view but not it’s separate window.

I’m on windows 10, I have the window maxed but I’d like to enter a fullscreen mode where the task bar also disappears.

Thank you


Sorry, there is no way to link it to the mousewheel (+ any key or modifier).

I’m using workspaces, what fits the best to me.

This is not supported by Cubase, sorry.

May I ask if there is like a “desired features -poll” by Steinberg where people can vote for supporting such features, for it to possibly be included in future updates?

For now I will remap these zoom keys and work with them I guess. But that is something I immediately missed. I never zoomed with keys so far.

If it’s possible to quickly switch between workspaces with accessible keys then I might be able to use that. This could be a very handy feature. Thanks I’ll check out a guide.


Just add the feature-request tag to the thread, please.

You can assign any Key Command you want to.

You can set a default editor so that double clicking a part in Project View opens a full screen key editor. It also works if you select multiple parts and then double click one of them. Etc.

This is done via the menu:
Here you’ll find a pop up to choose your Default MIDI Editor

It’s true that you cannot toggle the window with the ‘same key’, but there is already a default key binding to ‘close’ the top/active window. ctrl+w

So you could have your v binding to open it, and use ctrl-w to close it.

You can also bind this stuff to MIDI events using a Generic Remote map (if you use a MIDI controller and have lots of buttons sitting around doing nothing). For even more power in this respect you could add something like Bome Translator, or Bidule and a virtual MIDI port like loopMIDI to your setup. That would allow you to do all sorts of macro-like things from single MIDI events coming into a generic remote.

I.E. I’ve built a setup (Only needs a Generic Remote Map, Bome not required) that allows me to step-input in the key or score editor using only my MIDI controller. I tap MPC pads to change the grid/note-value, then tap a key. Wash, rinse, repeat. Another pair of pads can move the cursor around. Another pair can toggle dot and tupets on/off. Yet another enables/disables step-input all-together. Point being, you can use Generic Remotes to trigger almost anything and everything in Cubase.

The purpose of something like Bome would be if you want to transform some things in real time. I.E. Turn a single event into a series of events with a toggle memory. Bome can also convert MIDI events directly into key-board events, so with that route it’s possible to do things in any app with MIDI events and you don’t even need a Generic Remote map in Cubase.

If by ‘pop-ups’ you mean the help/info Tips that show up in Cubase when hovering the mouse over things, these can be disabled in:
Untick “Show Tips”

If you’re talking about pop-up notificiations from the Windows Task bar itself…
Windows itself has quite a few options on task bar behavior. It’s easy to get to and change on the fly.

  1. Right click your task-bar and choose “Taskbar settings”.
  2. Try some of the options, including “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode”

With task bar hiding enabled, you’d just bump the bottom of the screen with the mouse cursor and the task-bar pops back up for use and stays until something on the bar is clicked, or you mouse away from it again.

  1. Actually there is a key command for this… sort of… it’s only for the “editor”… so it’s not specific to the “key editor”… but there is a command called “open/close editor”.

If you go to the Key Commands list, it’s listed under “Editors”… it’s just called “Open/Close Editor”.

But this will only close whatever editor is currently active or open the appropriate editor to whatever event is selected.

I was going to say you could probably use an Auto-Hotkey script to toggle it with one key, switching conditional loops that check for the key each time the key is pressed and then re-routing that key press to some obscure key+modifier output that you really will only use in the Key Commands list… but then I realized that even though there is a command for “Open Key Editor”… there’s no command for “Close Key Editor” lol…

Ah yes, you can choose between the bar version and the window version. That just gave me one more well accessible key to bind to something else. Thanks

Nah, even better; it opens and closes with the same key now. Because I can use to open/close key editor keybind isntead of the one that just opens, since that was for doing the windowed version.

I have a fadermaster with a bunch of programmable buttons. I will see if I can use this, thanks.

If it doesn’t hinder me in anyway this would generally be a good idea. Thanks