New to cubase. Elements 10 crashing

Hi all,

I downloaded the demo version and installed this on a MacBook Pro. Browsing the drum loops it just crashes. Does it every time. I’ve read online it’s a problem with cubase so unless it can be resolved I think I’ll look at something else.

Hi and welcome,

Could you please attach the *.crash file located in the macOS Console utility, from the User Reports folder?

OK Thanks, file is attached.
Cubase LE AI Elements 10_2019-01-06-223259_Vinces-MacBook-Pro.crash (105 KB)

Another thing I’ve noticed since install, the battery seems to be draining a lot faster. Although it’s not running there must be something running in the background. (?)

So I attached the crash file as Martin Jirsak asked. Haven’t hear from anyone that has anything to do with the product.

Maybe it’s a case of “you get what you pay for”. I bought a Steinberg UR22MkII. So the software cost nothing. To be real, the hardware would be the cheapest part of the package. The hours spent programming would be in the mega $'s. I know, I did C/C++ programming.

So I registered my AI license. Still crashed while editing key parts of a drum pattern :frowning:)
Just wondering if anyone from the Cubas team are actually monitoring these threads.

Look, I’m a retired person well into my 60’s and this is just personal enjoyment. So I’m not making money out of my work or anything like that but it would be so nice if someone actually cared enough to fix the bugs !!!


The crash is in Groove Agent SE. Make sure you have the latest update installed, please.

Can you try to task Groove Agent preferences, please?

Seems I have Groove Agent version 5.0.10 (NOT SE).
Steinberg downloads page directs you to use the Download Assistant which has the same version.


I’m sorry, the crash is clearly in Groove Agent SE.

Sorry, my mistake…You’re right.