New To Cubase - Is there a Way 2 Zoom Like This... Simultaneous Zoom in Key Editor AND Arrangement?

Hi. The key editor (piano roll) is independent as to its zoom, and I don’t know if this is a feature request or something easy to accomplish. What I want, as a visually impaired individual, is to have the piano roll zoom in or out simultaneous to the arranger view. What I mean is, This is because sometimes the piano roll (key editor) view is clearer to watch, and if I have some samples laid out, when I go back and forth between adjusting the sample positions, and listening while watching on the piano roll, I’m zooming and scrolling once to get located on the arranger, then zooming again to get to the right zoom level in the key editor. Now, I know that the windows are tracking together. I saw 3 settings in the Key Editor as far as “follow” aka Auto Scroll. None of the combinations will apparently allow simultaneous syncing between Key Editor and Arrange View.

This would of course need to be something for which one would have a key command, because it would mainly be useful when working back and forth (In my case I was creating some perc samples and tuning them and dragging into the arrangement window and following the chord tones to see what worked. )

Peace to all!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you use the editor in the Lower Zone, you can enable the Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors option (the chain symbol). Then the cursors of the arranger area and the editor are isync, same as the Zoom level.

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I wonder if that also works in the “big” editor window …

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Wow, thank you for this. I’m excited to use this feature!


No, it doesn’t. This feature is in the Lower Zone only.

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