New to Cubase - link to my multitrack recorder

I want to link my Zoom R24 DAW to Cubase, but I cannot get Cubase to recognise the R24. I am a total novice at this, so very little of this is intuitive to me. Please can anyone help?

Hi @Tim_Hebditch

Did you install the latest driver from the manufacturer‘s website?

Do you have FL Studio installed? There seems to be a compatibility issue with their Asio driver:

Also, can you post a screenshot of your VST Audio System dialog, please?

Not sure if this is right, but here goes:

Yes, send a screenshot where we can see the available Asio Drivers, please.

It does now seem to be identifying the Zoom:

I would like to start with getting a track from the R24’s drum machine onto Cubase - what’s my next step?

Configure your I/O.
Audio connections window. (F3)

@Tim_Hebditch this short video will guide you through the necessary steps:

The screenshot shows the latency to be at 0ms. That indicates that the Zoom ASIO driver is not working properly. You might need to ask the manufacturer about this driver problem.

Nice catch, @Johnny_Moneto

@Tim_Hebditch Here’s the content from the PDF posted above, just in case you missed it:
Issues and workarounds about DAW software
The following troubles may occur when using DAW software on Windows 10.
Products ;
R8 / R16 / R24
Example of issues ;

  • R-series may not be recognized on DAW, i.e. R-series audio driver is not displayed at a list of audio
  • An error may occur when R-series audio driver is selected from list of audio devices. - Sampling rate shown on the R-series display is unstable.
    Those problems occur when FL Studio ASIO is installed in a PC. If this kind of problem occurs, please try the following workaround.
  • Uninstall the FL Studio ASIO
  • It is not necessary to uninstall the FL Studio.
    Click “Start Menu” - Select “Settings” - Select “System” - Select “Apps & Features”
  • Select “FL Studio ASIO” - Select “Uninstall”
  • After the FL Studio ASIO was deleted from system, FL Studio needs to use R-series driver.