New to Cubase: Need Assistance, Please!


I have Cubase AI 10.5.20 which came as a free download when I purchased my Yamaha MODX8 synthesizer.

Recently, I created a Groove Agent track with drums and exported it to an audio track (since I cannot render-in-place without Pro), all while using the Generic Low Latency VST System driver.

Now I’m ready to plug in my MODX to record the melodic parts alongside the drums I already have from Groove Agent.

My problem: When I plug in my MODX and switch over to the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver, I cannot hear the Groove Agent track nor the audio track from my export. Additionally, when using the Yamaha USB driver, my metronome sound switches over to the midi instrument from my MODX; it doesn’t keep the standard Cubase click sound.

My Questions:

  1. With Cubase AI 10.5, how can I route my Groove Agent track (or it’s audio track) through my MODX, i.e. so I can hear the drums through the headphones plugged into the MODX itself?
  2. Why does the metronome switch to the midi instrument from my MODX when I switch drivers and how do I keep it at the default click?

I can hear the MODX sounds when I switch drivers to Yamaha USB through my MODX itself, but I want to hear Groove Agent through that same source.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

Can you share some screenshots, please? Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs?

Do you mean the MIDI Click or the Audio Click? How is the Metronome Setup, please?

Wow - nevermind! It appears my problem was simpler than I thought. I just had to switch my output from “Main L/R” to “Digital L/R” and now I can hear everything perfectly!

Screenshots attached of my before and after audio connections, for reference if anyone else has this issue.

Problem solved - thank you!