NEW TO CUBASE! Need help!

Hello everyone, i don’t really know where else to post this, so i’ll post here. So today my Steinberg UR22 finally arrived with the Cubase AI 7. The reason why i bought the audio interface was my Roland TD-9 V-drums. I really hate the drum sounds from the sound module so i want to connect my e drums to my laptop and use the Superior Drummer 2.0 sounds. So everything seemed great - i connected the audio interface to my laptop, installed and activated Cubase AI 7… I managed to start Superior Drummer on my new Cubase, and the next thing i did was connecting my e drums to my UR22 via MIDI cable. And theres the problem… Theres no sound. I mean, the program doesnt even react to the triggers installed on my drums. However, if i click on individual drums on SD 2.0, the sound is there. So if someone could help me, heres how i connected everything:

  1. Connected the Steinberg UR22 to my laptop via usb cable.
  2. Turned on my V-drum sound module, the OUT end of the midi cable was connected to my drums, the IN end of the cable was connected in the UR22.
  3. In the Cubase AI, my input routing is set to Steinberg UR22-1, the output routing is 1-Superior drummer-Midi In.
  4. My UR22 settings: Phantom Power off (as explained in the user manual), Input/DAW Mix is on the middle, Phones on the middle, OUTPUT on the middle.
    Please tell me where i went wrong?
    Before i got my Steinberg UR22 i was using M-Audio Midisport Uno (a midi-usb adapter) and Reaper and everything was kinda easy, i just set my input routing with MIDISPORT UNO and i could play the drums the exact second. I would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

Have you selected a sound from Superior Drummer?

What do you mean?

. Turned on my V-drum sound module, the OUT end of the midi cable was connected to my drums, the IN end of the cable was connected in the UR22.
dont understand , the midi out of the drum Module should go to the midi in of the PC interface , and you might have to do some reading on midi mapping , so you can assign the correct tone to the correct pad , eg : snare tone to your snare pad etc … sm

You will also need to click on the little speaker icon on the midi/instrument track

samwax, sorry, i messed up with my words a bit, but the way you explained it was right. I’m familiar with drum mapping, as i said, i have played with Superior Drummer 2.0 before, just with a different DAW and i didnt have an interface, and now that i’ve switched to Cubase and UR22 i can’t really get my PC to react to the triggers on my V drums

Split, the Monitor thingy? That was the first thing i tried to do when i noticed that my laptop isn’t responding to my drums

Hi no issues , in this field you have to isolate the problems before you nail the particular issue down , bests is , borrow / share , use another midi interface , see that you get / see a signal , when u trigger ur pads , like try it with a keyboard controller first , see that the routing is right , try it with another vsti, my M audio Midi trigger finger , Via Usb , suddenly failed , used a midi cable in , n its fine , lost some controls though … but here again , there are work arounds … mostly … i m no master , but i learn , there are some masters in this forums , hope they find some time to help your situation … many helped me …
bottom line in plug n play , is often plug n pray …
gratefully sam

Ok, so i’ve tried connecting the drums the old fashioned way… Eventhough my UR22 was connected to the laptop, i also connected my ole M-Audio Midisport UNO and set the input routing to “Midisport UNO-USB” and my pc actually responded to my drum kit. The question is, can i loose any quality by this? I mean, the latency and audio quality is still controlled by my UR22 (I/O latency ~5ms, whilst Asio4All gave me 8ms), i’ve just changed the input routing…

sound quality probably not , latency , 5 ms is good enough for midi , play around with the buffer in the control panel , too much or more will , may hang your PC … do u get latency issues , like when u hit a pad , n some milliseconds later u hear the sound, then u r having a big latency issue… sm

I don’t get any latency at all, everything seems great, but i have a problem… The sound just stops occasionally, and i dont know why. It happens every 10 minutes or so, and it only happens when i play or listen to music when my UR22 is connected, so i think it may be a problem with my buffer sizes, and it would be cool to know the complete average that would run without any sound freezes and my latency would still be as low as possible (no more than 8ms)

256 / 512 u got to try them , depends on ur pc interface , some times only thier stock drivers delivers the most stable performance …
it only happens when i play or listen to music when my UR22 is connected, think u have the answer here it self… sm