New to Cubase PLEASE HELP

I bought a brand new HP with AMD Ryzen 7 quad core processor 16 gb ram 64 bit and plenty of pushing power to run this softerware. In downloaded Cubase Elements 10.5 and after completions I wanted to take a walk through the loops and samples. As soon as I click on one it begins to play with horrible cracks and pops. After 2 days of research and troubleshooting I just cant seem to get it to stop. Its upsetting to be sold “Pretty much the best” and it sound like tin can garbage. Might as well use garageband. I do not want to give up in this product cause Ive only been told great things.


Purchase a proper ASIO audio interface with a well written driver?

If you already have one, increase the buffer size.

If not, try ASIO4ALL (free) …

Also, you might want to run LatencyMon …

Pretty much had to max the buffer to get the crackling to stop. Is this gonna cause any issues with real instrument tracks? Im trying to get this ironed out before I take it into the shop to start trying to lay new tracks. I appreciate any input and advice. Again, Im new to this software. COming from Protools this is a different animal.

Okay, I can tell this is going to be difficult for you. I’ll take it slowly. One thing at a time. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many questions or give you too much advice all at once.

What is your audio device?

Everything I have right now. ASIO4ALL is my Selected driver. My Audio Interface is a Behringer Uphoria UMC202hd.

Is your machine a laptop? If so, Do you have your windows power settings set to max/high performance?

There may be other applications on that machine which controls the CPU speed to help keep thermals and power low too.

I hope you weren’t sold the Behringer unit as “Pretty much the best” as well! :laughing:

Okay, all kidding aside …

Why are you using ASIO4ALL if it has its own driver?|en)

Still have no clue what your operating system is … :confused: