New to Cubase - Qcon Pro G2 setup help

Hello everyone!

Literally ultra new to Cubase. version 11 seemed artist oriented so I jumped the gun and want to get familiarized with it. However I have no clue on how to setup my G2 control surface. The manual from the control surface makes reference to Cubase 5 which needless to say… is all different.

I am clicking everywhere and can’t find the words control surface at all within cubase. halp please!!!

Yeah they just moved it in version 11.

I also use an Icon (the old version tho)- I can walk you through it tomorrow if nobody comes through tonight.

Ok, if it is the same for the G2 as the G1–

STUDIO–>Studio Setup

Add Device, Device type is Mackie Control
Set your midi input and you are good

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Thank you! now off to learn everything else! :slight_smile: