New to Cubase question: Delete hole

I am a recent Cubase user - having moved from Sonar because of its very poor midi and tempo editing. This is a really simple thing I want to do, which is a cinch in Sonar.

I just want to delete a section of Midi, and have the ‘hole’ that is left behind closed automatically by having the midi section following the deleted midi shuffled along. In Sonar this is in file/delete/delete hole, but I can find no reference to this in Cubase. Am I searching the wrong term in the Cubase manual, is this action called something else?

Thanks for any help

Edit->Range->Delete Time wil do the trick.


Depends upon whether you wish to remove that section from just one (or several) tracks, or whether you wish to remove it globally (including, for example, the Tempo track)…
a) Globally…
Set Left and Right Locator to the section that you wish to eliminate, then Edit menu>Range>“Delete Time” (or “Cut Time”, if you’d rather put that section into the clipboard).
b) Individual track(s)…
Make the selection with the Range tool, then, as above, Edit menu>Range>“Delete Time” (or “Cut Time”).

Thanks for the quick replies. It is amazing how a difference in terminology between DAWs can stop you from finding out how to do the simplest task.

The more I use Cubase, the more I see how much better it is then Sonar.

In addition to runeharpun’s and vic_france’s excellent solutions, here is a third, if it is a part (or parts) you want to operate on.

Set the snap type to shuffle, then with the range tool select what you want gone and hit delete.

Now, the concept of “deleting a hole” is something I am sure Einstein would really have appreciated! :mrgreen:

How about having range tools available while the editors are open?