New to Cubase Updating from LE AI too Artist 10.5 !?

I am brand new to Cubase ’ so i may have made a silly mistake ?

Last week i bought Cubase LE AI Elements 10.5 , all registered at Steinberg on My Steinberg Page ! all working great
on my machine , So this week i see an upgrade From [ LE AI ] up to Artist 10.5 , for existing customers £42
So i bought the Upgrade , Down loaded the Full Cubase 10.5 Artist . so i Installed & then used my
Activation key in the latest version of Elicencer ???

Which tells me i have nothing to Update from … even though LE can be seen in the Elincence Hub !
What am i doing wrong :question: :question: :question:

Hi and welcome,

Cubase Artist license must be stored on the USB-eLicenser. If you don’t own any, you have to buy it.

You have to transfer your Cubase LE license to the USB-eLicenser first (in the eLCC application just drag and drop the license from the right side to the USB-eLicenser symbol on the left side - which appears once you plug it in). Then you can upgrade your Cubase LE license to Cubase Artist.

Hi Martin ’ thanks for commenting on my post , i now have read the information about upgrading & i made the classic mistake of trying to
jump up the upgrades to cheaply & quickly !

I now know the upgrade that i need, which is …Elements 10.5 !
I wonder if Steinberg will transfer what i paid for Artist over to Elements … they are the same price !
But the support page information is very confusing…


Do you mean you need and upgrade from Elements 10.5?

Your order will be canceled and you would make a new order.

The version i bought a few weeks ago that i am runing is Cubase LE AI Elements 10.5 it all works perfect even on Win 7 Pro !?

So i wanted to upgrade , i thought i could jump from LE too Artist with the upgrade i bought /ARIST Full 10.5 . but now i understand
that i bought the wrong upgrade it should have been upgraded to / Elements 10.5 cos i have no dongle :unamused:

The Full Elements is slightly different than the [LE AI Elements] that i have . That upgrade price is £17 .
i already paid Steinberg for the Arist upgrade £42 … i have submitted a ticket , so hopefully it will get sorted

Still many thanks for your interest , Thanks Jamie :wink:


There is licence of Cubase LE AI Elements. There is one application (executable) Cubase LE AI Elements, but you have license only to Cubase LE or Cubase AI or Cubase Elements. It’s important to know, which one do you own. Regarding the license, you will need to buy the correct upgrade.

If you have already bought an upgrade to Cubase Artist, you could maybe stay with it and just buy the USB-eLicenser to be able to activate the license. With Cubase Artist you will get much more than with Cubase Elements.

Btw, Cubase 10.5 is not officially compatible with Windows 7 and there are known issues (for example some menu entries don’t appear).

O yes i see what you mean Martin ,

Yes my licence is with Cubase LE … & thanks for the tip about buying the Dongle and staying with Artist ,
I will wait untill i upgrade my system , before moving over to Artist !

To be honest I never realised how much Cubase has moved on, It Freaking Brilliant even this well limited version…lol