New to the forum with latest track "release"

I guess it would be apt to begin a relationship with y’all by givin’ ya a track called “release”.

I’ve been a Cubase user for about 6 months.
Everything done with Yamaha and Fender gear.

I am loving Cubase. Very easy to use, although I have ran into some glitches along the way.

I dig it! So, first off there’s some dead Air at the top of the song. Also, the song takes on really slow, but I’m glad I waited to hear everything come in because it was very interesting. When the song Finally enters in its entirety it stays interesting all the way through to the end. From a mix standpoint, if you want feedback, certain elements seemed unrefined. Little things like when the vocals are doubled, they don’t stay in sync completely. Like the ending syllable of the doubled vocal or Harmony doesn’t end with the lead vocal. Dimensionally it could have used a little more pizazz, but the movement of the piece in all its parts makes up for it… it’s not as 3D as I would like to hear it, or how I would have mixed it.

great stuff.

A great track.

I am oft times equally guilty, but perhaps a part or two
that works outside and through and around the bar?

Nice work!

Great track indeed. The intro is great because it really had me wondering where this was going.