New to Wavelab 8, need help

I have downloaded Wavelab 8 Elements on trial. Is this program disabled or am I? I can’t figure out how to make a cd after finishing. I have done my job in 24/96 and figured out how to render it in 16/44.1 and now I can’t seem to make a CD. Plus, there also doesn’t seem to be a way to make track markers. I see tools for General purpose, Regional and Loop markers but nothing for track? Can someone help me or is this trial useless and I have to buy before I try?


Really? All you power users out there and nobody can tell me how to make a track marker or burn a CD?

Look at this part:

Thank you very much for your help. It would be great if any of those icons were on my version. Having said that, I have found CD buttons but when utilized, I only get messages that say my 24/96 files can’t be used (or apparently converted). So I imported 59 minutes of 16/44 versions and now it says file is too big.


You are probably using the “Basic Audio CD” function. Try using the CD window of the Audio Montage.

He is trying Elements, which is different.

OOPs, forgot there are other versions. :blush: