New TOOLS for AXR4T Version 2.2.0 for Mac

Today we have released new TOOLS for our AXR4T Thunderbolt 2 audio interface. With this TOOLS update version 2.2.0 the Yamaha/Steinberg Thunderbolt Driver has been updated to version 3.0.0. It now supports the system extensions recommended by Apple. Users don’t need to change the macOS security policy before installation anymore and the installation process is much simpler than before.

Please find the TOOLS for AXR4T version 2.2.0 for Mac here. The release notes are included as usual.

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Stefan Schreiber

hmm…i’m going to stick with 2.1 for now. i installed AXR4T 2.2.0 on my osx 12.6 system and I just got a blank screen on the dspMixFx window. i uninstalled and went back to 2.1 and all is there, so, seeing as that’s been working fine for me, I will save the problem solving work for another day. Perhaps I did something wrong, as there were some detailed instructions on how to do this properly (which I thought i followed), but putting this out there to see if others running osx 12 have success with 2.2.

I am sorry to hear that. Have you checked the known issues for the TOOLS release?

The first entry might be the one that applies to your situation.

If FileVault is not used, it could be that the driver is not allowed when installing TOOLS for AXR4T V2.2.0. Please check “Privacy & Security” in the System Settings and allow loading the application “Yamaha Steinberg Thunderbolt Control Panel.” Have a look at macOS: Audio interface not working properly/not accessible – Steinberg Support for details.

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thanks for that info. all sorted

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