New TOOLS for AXR4T Version 2.2.0 for Mac

Today we have released new TOOLS for our AXR4T Thunderbolt 2 audio interface. With this TOOLS update version 2.2.0 the Yamaha/Steinberg Thunderbolt Driver has been updated to version 3.0.0. It now supports the system extensions recommended by Apple. Users don’t need to change the macOS security policy before installation anymore and the installation process is much simpler than before.

Please find the TOOLS for AXR4T version 2.2.0 for Mac here. The release notes are included as usual.

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hmm…i’m going to stick with 2.1 for now. i installed AXR4T 2.2.0 on my osx 12.6 system and I just got a blank screen on the dspMixFx window. i uninstalled and went back to 2.1 and all is there, so, seeing as that’s been working fine for me, I will save the problem solving work for another day. Perhaps I did something wrong, as there were some detailed instructions on how to do this properly (which I thought i followed), but putting this out there to see if others running osx 12 have success with 2.2.

I am sorry to hear that. Have you checked the known issues for the TOOLS release?

The first entry might be the one that applies to your situation.

If FileVault is not used, it could be that the driver is not allowed when installing TOOLS for AXR4T V2.2.0. Please check “Privacy & Security” in the System Settings and allow loading the application “Yamaha Steinberg Thunderbolt Control Panel.” Have a look at macOS: Audio interface not working properly/not accessible – Steinberg Support for details.

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thanks for that info. all sorted

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I installed the update (on a mac mini M1) and after that dspMixFx does not open/respond anymore. Uninstalling and going back to an older version (2.1. and 1.2.2) does not solve the problem. DspMixFx does not respond at all anymore. When I run the AXR4T in class compliant mode, it crackles all the time. I have looked through the compatibility list and the list of known issues, but unfortunately nothing applies? Any idea how to solve the problem without reinstalling macOS (I’m on Monterey and updating to Ventura didn’t help)? Thanks in advance.

I am sorry to hear about the issues. Is it that the dspMixFx is hung up or that dspMixFx cannot find the AXR4T? Depending on the situation, there are further steps that would help us.
Leaving that aside, the AXR4T does not have a class compliant mode…

(a) dspMixFx is hung up
If his dspMixFx is hung up, we would like to investigate the sample file of dspMixFx and the spx file. Could you provide those files?

(1) Open dspMixFx and confirm the hung-up problem occurs.
(2) Open “Applications” folder → “Utilities” folder → “Activity Monitor.”
(3) Double click “dsxMixFx AXR” in list of “Activity Monitor” and open the window for dsxMixFx.
(4) Click “Sample” button on the bottom left of the window and open the sample window.
(5) Click “Save” button in upper-right corner of the sample window.
(6) Save and create the sample file.

spx file:

(1) Open dspMixFx and confirm the hung-up problem occurs.
(2) Click Apple menu in the menu bar on top of the desktop.
(3) Click “About this Mac”
(4) Click “System Report…” on the window of “About this Mac” and open “System Information.”
(5) Click “File” menu → “Save…”
(6) Save and create the spx file.

(b) dspMixFx cannot find device(AXR4T)
If dspMixFx cannot find the AXR4T, it could be that our driver is not allowed in System Settings.

In case that FileVault is enabled, the FileVault problem in the known issue list may apply here:


We’ve been using AXR4T on an Intel Mac running the latest version of MacOS Ventura. But we’ve gone back to dspMixFx 2.1.0 and the corresponding older Thunderbolt driver because of the issue with 2.2.0 version of the app and how it creates .plist files (which causes the app to hang on subsequent runs after the files are created for the 1st time). It seems however that no version of the dspMixFx app allows bypass of the HPF filter as listed in the AXR4 settings panel (see screenshot). That filter seems to affect the entire mixer - not just the channels with the filter icon. Happy to hear if someone knows of a way to bypass that filter. Have already spoken with support about this on the phone who thus far have no remedy.