New Tools for CMC version 1.1.2 released

Steinberg has released a new update of the TOOLS for CMC version 1.1.2 for Mac OS X and Windows. The free update ensures full support for Cubase 7.

Please find the update here.

Where do you see the current version? When I use the tools it says version 1.0.1.

I’m seeing the updated files but can’t download a thing - server error.

Updated last night. Everything went without a hitch.
:smiley: EQ over QC finally working :smiley:

the only campaign i had going is now finally over :laughing:
i can now retire a happy cubaser now all my knobs work as they should and btw could i have as compensation a complete range of the cmc controllers free please :laughing: :laughing:


It seems at least two of you have managed to download the update, but I’m on day 2 of trying and it’s not working for me. Is anyone else having trouble downloading the MAC version of the Tools update? (and PDF files)

Nothing wrong with my connection here, I’m downloading just fine from any other site. When I try to download from the Steiny site, I get server errors, size mismatches and transfer rates of less than 1kbps that terminate before as little as 50k downloads. I used a download agent and got as far as 3Mb yesterday…


I’ve sent you the setup-file through Sprend.

Cheers Magnus!
downloaded in just a few minutes!

Hehe… Nice! i would have been very depressed if i couldn’t download a file for 2 days if i knew everybody else could :smiley:

Does version 1.1.2 mean the CMC-QC is now fully supported in Cubase Elements 7? I’d buy a QC today, but the compatibility chart states “Limited support”.

If the CMC-QC isn’t fully supported in Cubase Elements 7, what would I not be able to do with it?