New TOOLS for UR28M and UR824 and new YSUSB driver for Win and Mac


We are pleased to announce the release of the latest TOOLS updates for the UR28M and the UR824 audio interfaces together with a new version of the Yamaha/Steinberg USB driver for Windows and macOS. All updates now ensure compatibility with macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 Fall Creators. The updates also resolve several minor issues.

Please find the Yamaha/Steinberg USB Driver v1.9.11 for Windows here.
Please find the Yamaha/Steinberg USB Driver v1.9.10 for macOS here.

Please find the TOOLS v2.1.6 for UR28M for Windows here.
Please find theTOOLS v2.1.6 for UR28M for macOS here.

Please find the TOOLS v2.1.6 for UR824 for Windows here.
Please find the TOOLS v2.1.6 for UR824 for macOS here.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

The link above points to v1.9.10, not 1.9.11 as specified.

Since there are no bugfixes documented in the release notes, has this been fixed?

After updating the driver I experience slight pause in music while scrolling the tracks with the cc121.

Yes, that’s definitely fixed, no more prompting.


im experiencing interrupting and stuttering audio issues with the new driver and UR44, not only with cubase but also general audio.
i’m on win10 64bit pro latest update.
i installed win from scratch after a sys failure,i didn’t had this problem before.
checked with DPC latency and i had issue with NDIS.SYS driver, replaced my wireless driver and DPC monitor looks ok,but i still got the problem.
but when i switch the wireless adapter to off(im on sony vaio laptop) the audio runs smooth.
there is not a problem when using the wireless adapter and internal sound card or when using HDMI with my TV

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Wireless adaptors tend to do this with ASIO drivers.
Best to disable it.

yep… long time since used my laptop,i probably was with wired LAN before and not with the built in wireless adapter :blush:
anyway when using just the web or audio from windows media it’s not the ASIO Driver that plays ,so i wonder why that makes problems.
seems there are no real efforts to solve those problems with drivers and ASIO in the PC world in general :confused: