New track gets added to all visibility configs???....REALLY?

Hi peeps,

Just getting into using track visibility configurations, and i’ve just come across something very strange and annoying.

When i create a new track or mixer channel of any kind, it gets automatically added to all visibility configs?

What possible logic could there be to this?

If i’ve spent loads of time creating various vis configs, i don’t want to have to fix each one every time i create a new track!!!

Surely this is a bug? Or is it a feature?

Any workarounds?



Its by design - since Cubase v8.

Here’s a broader discussion thread… they definitely ‘know’ about it (being a limitation/annoyance/incomplete design).


Kick my ass for not doing a search first!

In one of the threads, the following statement is made:

The trick with visibility is to use it from the PLE.

I have a very nice workflow now with macros(both key command and PLE) where I have show/hide on groups of instruments that I assign to keyboard shortcuts.

I have Drums, Instruments, Bass and Vox on different keystrokes that toggle their visibility.

well, PLE enhances the visibility handling by A LOT, so learn the PLE if you haven´t yet

But with no further explanation.

Could anyone enlighten me as to what he means? I must admit i didn’t delve into the PLE yet. Is what he describes a useful workaround?

OK, so i thought of a workaround:

Start your project with a folder containing, say, 24 audio tracks, 8 VST instruments, 16 FX tracks, 8 group tracks, 16 midi channels and 16 VCA faders (or some other combination of tracks that you think will more then suffice for the upcoming project).

So when you need a new track or channel of any kind, you go into this folder, rename an unused track / channel to something relevant, and drag it out of the folder. The rest of the time you can keep this folder hidden.

So in a sense, you’ve created a new track or channel, without Cubase knowing it, so it won’t be added to any previously made vis configs.

The downside is this is a clunky workaround for what should be a non-issue!

The upside is that i think this method would be a lot quicker (and ultimately less frustrating) then having to individually edit lots of vis configs after creating new tracks. So you lose time having to get your new track from this folder, but you gain time not having to edit your vis configs.

I just tested it and it seems that starting a project with this massive amount of unused tracks doesn’t seem to add more then about 1% to CPU and only slightly increases memory usage compared to an empty project.
And of course you could also choose to disable all audio, midi and instrument tracks in this mother-of-all-clunky-Steinberg-fix-this-stoopid-issue-workaround-folder!!!

Any thoughts on this?

The best way I’ve found to handle this is to create a macro key command that will:

a) Hide the selected track
b) update the current visibility configuration.

Then you can remove your new track from the configuration with a single keystroke. If you also have key commands to recall your configurations, it’s a fairly quick/painless procedure to remove the new track from any/all of the configurations.

You can do all sorts of things with the PLE (Project Logical Editor). For example, you could program a preset that will show only tracks that have a particular character or symbol in the name, which is maybe the type of thing the poster above is talking about. e.g. add a ‘*’ to the name of all your drum tracks and then they can be recalled with a PLE preset.