new tracks to all visible configurations.. why ?


i use configurations to display tracks by stems drum / bass / perc/ keys etc…
but each time i add a new track it’s visible in all configuration so i have to update them all !!!
i don’t understand why it’s this by default.
Anywhere to fix the in preferences ? can’t find it… looking for it for years now.

+1 on this. If there was a way to include the added track to the current configuration it would be gold. Right now the current work flow only makes sense at the end stage when no new tracks are added. But tracks are often being added even at final final mix for me here.

exactly or not added at all so you can choose manualy where you want it.

+1 on this. I’m currently separating out PFX as well as creating a list of “needed foley,” and am running into this exact nuisance. Should be an option, if not the default.