New Tracks with Specified Preferences

Say I wanted every Instrument track I create in a project to automatically be set a -10db on the pre-routing section.
Is this kind of changing of the default settings before creating new channels/tracks possible in the cubase world?

Hi there

Create a track with the settings you want, export it (File/Export/ track)to a track templates folder wherever you want. Whenever you need that track, import it, I have a KC set up for it. You could probably use a track preset too.

Best Regards, Dave

Hey Dave,
Thanks for the reply…and that is certainly one way to do it, but I was hoping to get into the Cubase brain so-to-speak and really tailor how I want the tracks I add to any given project to behave as a default setting.

The example I provided is because I find myself always knocking off at least -10db on virtual instruments as they all seem be set to hit close to 0db if not go over it in many cases.
It’s one of those things you do so so so many times, eventually you just want your setting to become the default setting since thats how I use it 99% of the time.
There is a plethora of things you can adjust to your liking in cubase otherwise, which I love! - so I was hoping this would be possible too.
Is this kind of track tailoring to the user possible?

Instead of track presets or file export/import, why not simply choose a template with all instrument tracks adjusted when opening cubase from the hub?