New UF8 DAW Controller from SSL

SSL have just released a new expandable daw controller called the UF8 which features switchable control for 3 DAW’s and comes with a pretty comprehensive template for Cubase / Nuendo that seems to accurately terms t the mix console views and has rather good vst Instruments and fx plugin . UF8 | Solid State Logic

IDK when I looked closely it still uses the ancient MCU protocol which means it won’t follow Cubase track selections. Perhaps the software that sits in-between that and Cubase will fix that? I went with the S1 instead.

I was excited at first, but seeing the demos, I still think the MCU is better. (layout, etc)

Seriously; if Steinberg/Yamaha wanted to put out a 16 channel, comprehensively well integrated control surface (not using MCU protocol), I’d gladly pay more than SSL is asking for this unit.
I think it’s weird that they haven’t done this actually.

It’s called Nuage… but it’s way more expensive… but also way better.

Well, since I don’t see any improvement in Eucon in the last update(s) I think I will try the SSL. Not the best but something more than nothing for years… my Artist Mix and Transport will be on the market soon… too tired of “Eucon support improved…”

Nudge is 1024 step audio mixing, doubt it be very good as a small/mid range studio midi controller , there’s not a lot of info on how it controls Steinberg’s onboard I instruments and fx .

If SSL have had the foresite to.look at the midi 2 protocol which is bidirectional with over 16,000 channels the UF8 would be something to have maybe, I know midi 2 is backward compatable and will control midi 1 devices but only with their original features.