New unsupported Midex 3/8 drivers available

No LTB, I guess ??

Finally my midex works again, was really getting tired of using the mini keys of microKontrol, now I have all my synth’s back, thank you, and whomever did this in their spare time, you sir are a gentleman. Cheers. :smiley:

Cubase 6
Win 7 64bit

Peachy, what OS are you running?

Why would LTB not be working?

AFAIK, LTB is based on DirectMusic, and DirectMusic isn’t supported on 64 bit anymore.

YES! Thank you Steinberg! :smiley:

MidiTest Results

Date: 06 Aug 2011
Time: 21:25:40
AppVersion: 4.9.243
OS: Win 7 x64 Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
API: DirectMusic
Test type: Advanced
Use timestamp: yes
Errors: None
Description: Steinberg Win64 Midex 3 USB Midi Driver
Provider: Steinberg
DriverDate: 6-15-2011
Message jitter: 0.58 ms :open_mouth: :smiley:
Byte jitter: 0.25 ms :open_mouth: :smiley:

Well … I measured 1ms jitter with timestamp enabled
and a pretty high max input latency …
Competition has overall better results ( old tests ) :

What made Midex special was LTB.
But this is obviously still discontinued.

After all a very welcome surprise !


working great here…thank you Steinberg :slight_smile:


Great news, thanks :slight_smile: Now I can use my Midex8 on win7 64bit, nice!


Not sure about that. LTB is rather a “Time Stamp” protocol, hard-wired inside the Midex.

LTB is still supported by our current sequencer releases but we haven’t made any timing tests related to this with the new drivers.

Sour taste in my mouth… waited for years to upgrade my DAW to 64bit. When it was clear that Steinberg would really never release any 64bit drivers, I sold my 2 Midex-8 units way (!) under cost, and bought 2 new units from MOTU. That was only 8 months ago.

With the new drivers available, the prices of Midex-8 units will go up again, so I basically shot myself in the foot by selling them so cheaply.

Now all of this would be fine if this was a driver released by someone clearly not linked to Steinberg, but with the Support Manager announcing the new driver (even though it’s not supported) it’s clear that Steinberg was in the know about the work being done on this…

Anyway, I’ve already learned my lesson a while back: Never buy hardware from Steinberg! Even though I love their software, I’ve been bitten on the hardware site too often.

Did you actually measure the Midex with the new drivers?

Only DirectMusic.
With and without Timestamp.
Both had their advantages.

Don’t have the results at hand, atm. …


For those who are interested, also installs and works under XP64.

Did some testing
All API’s perform great…when the cpu is iddle.
But under full cpu load (running prime with all 4 cores) then you see how great LTB/directmusic is. Still 60% under 1ms and 100% under 3ms. The other protocols are failing terribly then; MME even has a lot over 100ms and kernel streaming none under 5ms).
BTW a Midex3…

Those drivers doesn’t work under Leopard at my iMac, I have to install Snow Leopard then… MIDEX8 run like a dream… :wink:

very funny ! I still have it but recently bought a MOTU midi express 128 when I moved to Win7 64bit.

Why the hell are they not able to communicate … I am sure they have worked on this already when I took the decision to buy a new one.

This is a fantastic gesture. Deepest thanks. :sunglasses:


Well done Steinberg … and many thanks to the Engineers who put in the time!

Murphy’s Law though … literally 3 weeks ago I did a once in a decade ruthless clean out of my studio. Traded in what I could… no one would take any software based interface … (don’t blame them) so my MIDEX8 came home and went into the big pile for a ‘technology recycling pick up’ (we get one a year…). As a Mac user I hadn’t plugged it in for 5 years so it seemed like a reasonable move. LOL …

Now … I wonder if any of those engineer’s were fans of the old Cubase Interactive Phrase Synthesiser that I used to love…



Me tooooo!!! I got many a song started using that tool.
I guess LoopMash is the newest form of the old IPS.

BTW like you with the Midex, I have and old Opcode MIDI translator box
hiding in a closet somewhere. ADB buss anyone???