New unsupported Midex 3/8 drivers available

We have uploaded new but unsupported drivers for both MIDEX 3 and MIDEX 8. These drivers support Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well as Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7.

But again, they are completely unsupported! If you want to use them, it is at your own risk! Only modifications to fit these drivers to the new operating systems have been made. There are no additional bugfixes included!

Nevertheless, we hope that some of you can start using their Midex devices again on current operating systems.

[Midex 3]

[Midex 8]


I’m impressed!

Will definately try these out, I just thought about selling it on ebay…

I remember on xp, there had to be a bootloader installed… However, this installer will care?

Just run the installer and I’m ready to go?

This is great , thanks Eckhard!

Yes, that should be it!

absoluly fantastic i will now update my os to win 7 because of this … steiny i love you ! xxxxx :laughing: :laughing:

WOW!!! Thank you very much!

I’m still on XP mostly because I couldn’t let my Midex 8 go. In the past, I’ve been quite rude towards Steinberg because of this, I take the majority of it back.

Let’s hope they work. I’ve got quite a bit of planing to do before I step up to Win7.

Thank you very much!


Is there any chance for new MI2/MI 4 drivers as well?

Great news,


Thank You very much Steinberg & Yamaha for doing something for your customers by going back and making it possible for users like me to continue using our Midex 8’s, I myself own 4 Midex 8’s and love them and have served me well for years.
I must say again how impressed in the new direction the company has taken and have noticed the quality and innovation since Yamaha has partnered with Steinberg. Yamaha is one of the oldest musical instrument makers in the world and has a long tradition to strive for excellence. Steinberg has also shared the same vision for quality and innovation.
I don’t normally say anything on this forum but what I just witnessed here today shows there are still some people that still believe in customer loyalty and for that I am a grateful and loyal customer.

Now i will use the money you saved me and buy the new Neve Portico VCM plug-in’s!

Thank You,
John Magliano

Thank you! This is awesome!
Any chance of getting an updated Houston driver??? Pleeeeaaaaazzzzzzzzz ?

Thank you for all your positive comments! We had the chance to make these updates and so we did. However, this does not mean that we are able to deliver new drivers for all the other legacy hardware we have, including the MI series and the Houston unfortunately. At least you can still use the Houston via MIDI I/O.

At least Mr.Doll warns you that they’re completely unsupported. And for good reason.

I can’t speak to the PC community about this, but let me save any of you Mac users, who presently use these as $300 doorstops, to leave them right where they are. Let them continue to gather dust. You will waste your time installing this driver and hooking the units back up into your system. You will be sadly disappointed: the driver doesn’t work with 10.6.8 and C6. And I seriously doubt it will function with any other combination of Cubase and the Mac OS…but you’re all free to try. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

NIce try and 6 years too late. I am certain all of the Mac users have moved on to other solutions by now anyway.

I hope the PC community has better luck.

We installed it on our Lion systems yesterday and it works. So there are mixed results obviously…

Did you try two units? Let me know how that works out for you. Oh…and considering that the last working PPC driver was issued in 2003, let me correct that 6 year statement. 8 years.

Sorry Weasel but no support for this driver. If it does not work, then there is absolutely nothing we can do. I personally had only one Midex attached.

No apology necessary. I did quote your unsupported statement in my first post. All I can tell you is I hauled the old units out of the garage, installed the driver, did all the voodoo involved, got input but no output to any of the 16 channels. Using the Test Mode of AudioMIDI output to the various external units did work…but not through Cubase.

So…back to the garage and back to the MOTU units I bought to replace those things. I thought it’d be worth a look…because the MIDI timing was always superior to the MOTU’s.

If you get a chance…try two units and see what happens. Also: how many inputs and outputs did you hook up? All 8? Did all 8 outputs run simultaneously and properly to external units?

Anyone tried win64 yet. Not at the studio for a few weeks but curious as hell…

Unsupported I know, but WHAT A THING TO DO guys! Please give my most sincere Thank You to the peeps that did the Midex 8 drivers. Absolutely outstanding! This is the good old Steinberg to the core.

THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile:


Yeah great ! I still got mine. A very positive surprise !
But … behind all the joy comes that bitter taste again …

6 years ago, when all the countless Midex users made a giant uproar,
Steinberg told us it is absolutely impossible to make 64 bit drivers !!

Now one of their coders turns the world around and breaks all laws of physics and jurisdiction ,
in his freetime …

Well … I will not use the word, I used when the 3.1.2 update was canceled,
but something seems wrong, here again …