??? New update ??? MODS???

Hey Robin, how are you doing mate :slight_smile: !

Amazing that I am singled out as “the troll” while the actual troll goes scott free.
I am passionate about having software that works because I need to use it 340 days a year. I have assisted several times providing uploads and repros for you to help diagnose problems with your software, and to single me out as a “troll” for adding my voice to a valid discussion is a disrespectful way for a software vendor to speak to its paying customer.

How about calming down? This is going nowhere.

Finally went out for a walk with my dog today after temperature outside rised to pleasant -4C (25F) from -28C (-18F) we had yesterday.

Hey, this forum is starting to look like the propellerheads forum.

Bunch of 15 year old “producers” puffing their chests.


I didn’t call any one individual “sad”, but if you feel it applies to you, then my work here is done.

Not to seem too pious. I get sucked into this crap sometimes too.

Someone just, please, go start a mac vs. pc thread.

I love those.

No need for this to get so hot. I actually find this topic rather amusing. I don’t think Steinberg really cares if we want to know when the next Cubase update will be; even if they do, I don’t think they can tell us if they themseves don’t know quite just yet.

You are not singled out as troll. I wrote that you statement was general and trollish. Does that make you a troll?
<-- Rethorical question, answer: No it doesn’t!

While we are at it don’t forgett to mention what I said about the sofa fantasy. :slight_smile:
In your bully fantasy about the sofa picture you enjoyed so much and whished other users to participate in, which color does the sofa have? :smiley:

What make you a troll is not getting over this and your general confrontife “we against them” attitude while you should have a “we” attitude. What makes you a troll is that you write me PM’s, going berserk and cursing with personal attacks. You seem to be an active PMer. :wink:

In your PM you push me to delete your forum account but I can’t. You can delete your own forum account via your MySteinberg account if you realy can’t manage to get over this incident.

Most of the time you are and can be a helpful and well mannered part of this community, you have shown that already. I and probably all other users here would not push you to go. But it’s your own choice if you want to separate yourself from us forum participants or remain here and be the positive part of this that you are able to be. :neutral_face:

No hard feelings…


“Active PMer?” I have sent 9 PMs in 12 months, most of which which were to Steinberg! So you are lying as well as arrogant. I made a single post in this thread and you jumped all over me - probably because I’ve hit a nerve and you know what I said was actually true.

So stop trying to bully me, it won’t work. Stick to the topic and answer the OP’s question, now that you’re here.

it’s aways bound to get hot with the amount of ego’s in this forum . i come here to help or be helped and thats the way i like to keep it but some people in this so called comunity think they have the rights of god to speak to people like shit or think just because someone hasn’t read all the manual they can treat them like crap so its those “troll” like idiots that need to be removed from this here comunity ,i really dont know who you lot think you are but id put you in a class below lepers and should be banished to the out regions of siberia with nothing but a mankini to cover your pride …GROW UP

Thank you moderators for not locking this :laughing:

Excellent reading material while I have my coffeebreak.
Any one wants to throw some oil on the fire, C’mon!

The PM you sent me was more then active. It was an cursing berserk hyperactive outburst of fury with personal attacks. :slight_smile: Absolutely over the top! :neutral_face:

Excuse me if to you my posts seem to be an attempt to attack you personally or bully you. I was hoping you could take this incident with a sense of humor as well. I see that you have guested yourself by deleting your own account. So be it.

Go to your room and think about your behavior then. :smiley:
I and the other grownups will remain in the living room for some marshmallows, coffee and hot chocolate sitting together on sofas around the fire. We will speak about Cubase, audio engineering and all kinds of cool stuff in a nice friendly atmosphere.

You are always welcome back to join us and participate once you get over this and have come to your senses. :wink:

As already stated in my first post, I’m sure that in the near future your question will be answered. I can’t define a more precise timeframe at the moment. I do reproduce the anticipation. :slight_smile:


Close this one.