??? New update ??? MODS???

3 months since our last minor update :confused:

When will we see another update and what are we looking forward to as improvements/fixes?

It would be great if when importing a midifile, that controller data on that track could be interpretted as expression map data.

Also, when using random MIDI modifier position on a track, it doesn’t move the expression map data, a couple of expression map features that could do with an update.

And, isn’t it time that the score editor got an update.

You’ll never get a commitment for a date. This isn’t just Steinberg. It’s much easier for software developers to hear the whining about “when’s the next update” than to hear the outrage if they slip the date.

Typically they might shoot for a release before a trade show like Musikmesse, but we can only speculate. It gives them something to talk about at the booth -> “See the new 64 bit rewire in action!”

We will get no hints or guarantees on a date from them, though they have said that an update is being developed. We’ll know the day they release it. No sooner.

In all fairness, there has been some softening of the don’t-announce policy in the last year. We’ve had advance notice of quite a few of the version 6 updates before they were released, which has been very welcome indeed.

So I’m supposing that the fact that we haven’t heard an official pre-release announcement yet must mean that we’re not very close to one arriving… (although I sort-of thought we might hear about a 6.5 significant update at NAMM, but nothing…) :confused:

While you’re doing this you could be writing or producing hit material.

Don’t waste time speculating. Just enjoy it when it arrives. Otherwise, just a time-wasting excercise.
No ideas? Cubase holding you back? Clean the studio. Walk the dog.
Don’t clog your brain and you one-time life-time with “What if?” :mrgreen:

I’m waiting for a mod to post “When you gonna get that song finished?” or “I’d quite like you to write a Hip-op tune today.” :mrgreen:

Yeah, like taking the time to write this response! Perfect example. :sunglasses:

I’m convinced that if I used every spare second to do something useful I’d be a billionaire by now :laughing:

Having said that I’m now going to take the dog for a walk :sunglasses:

I would, but it has been so freaking cold up here for few days now. My dog refuses to go out unless she really needs relief. And even then she immediately wants back inside. :sunglasses:

:mrgreen: Yep. But then I’m not as busy as everyone else on the forum says they are. :mrgreen: Needing a new update every week is not a priority.
Where’s that bleedin dog? He’s a bit old anyway and I’m waiting for the update. I want one with more legs and in green. and he’s got to be able to fit in the wife’s handbag.

con man you really are in a league of your own .
dam i could of made a cup of tea instead of wasting my typing fingers !

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Some things will never change Conman. You are DEFINITELY one of them. :laughing:

People like you make the world a boorish place to live and make me happy that I have a job making 6 figures ACTUALLY making music and not just trolling the forums day in and day out looking to bash someones innocent comments.

Your avatar says it all, “I’m impatiently waiting to bash the next innocent”.

Yeah, right. Tidy the bedroom son. :mrgreen: Only six figures? What Star Wars figures would they be then? :mrgreen:
I actually make money.

Don’t be so up yerself and have a laugh sometime, mate.

Say something creatively witty about me. Then I’ll believe six figures.
I do actually help people here now and again.

I save my witty comments for people who deserve them. You are a pitiful excuse for a human being and a worthless antagonist who I’m certain can’t keep a girlfriend or a job due to your lack of intelligence and smug attitude.

Enjoy your miserable existence trolling the forums with your dull and self-delighting comments to those people here who have a life and are just looking to get some insight on things.

Besides that, you constantly misquote people for your own benefit. No one on this thread has said ANYTHING about NEEDING an update every week. That’s you. We are just asking about what might be around the corner for Cubase. But you see that as an opportunity to use your worthless life to make snide comments and fill up the thread with all the uselessness that you are so quick to bash.

You’re truly the definition of a loser and I feel the utmost pity for your miserable existence since I’m certain you think it’s the cats meow (as your stupid avatar is so boastfully pointing out.)

cinstudios, what’s with the attitude?!

Don’t you have better things to do then pick a fight?

sorry i have to correct you on that one cinstudio at least 34 of those posts have been helpful and the 900bla bla bla’s ive seen over the last year have just made me laugh for the reason of …if your not offering help why stick your ruddy great nose in old bean ?

And yes mods and developers could we have some sort of ground breaking update ,i have the attention span of a nat and need new toys to play with so come on cheers use all up and give us a 6.5.5 pretty please xx !

There are things that need fixing URGENTLY. Things that once worked but then became broken.
These things need fixing. And it is not unreasonable for us (the customer) to be banging on the door of SB to keep the pressure on them to do something about it, especially when they pretend they’re not home, but actually we can see them hiding behind the sofa.

So +1 for telling us the next release date, we need to know whether it will be quicker to switch to Studio One and undergo a new learning curve.

Be constructive and specific but don’t make general trollish statements like that.

It is never reasonable to bang on someone’s door. I am also not reasonable to enjoy the picture of making someone hiding behind a sofa. You FunkyDrummer seem to enjoy the picture and even seem to want others to participate and share it with you. Others will agree that it is a rather strange image you have created in your mind. :smiley:

What is reasonable however is a good peaceful and constructive atmosphere in this community of Steinbergers like you. One in which all members work together to improve there skills and there tools.

I’m sure that information will be available in the future.
Thank you all for your efforts and your interest. :slight_smile:

I’m sure all we will be dead in the future. :laughing:

Personal attacks always end in thread locking and/or deletion, so why even bother going there?

The beauty of forums is that we can all have an opinion, and we don’t all have to agree with each other. Judge the topic, not the poster. Have your say, but don’t attack the person, there’s enough of that already in the physical world.


Stricktly numbers.

I mean the total of all forum users not the whole Cubase community.
The amount of dissapointed costumers about this product is so small in comparison.
Steinberg doesn’t (and shouldn’t) prioritise these input.

So I figure that their( the dissapointed customers) system is not entirely stable, or there is something else wrong I don’t know.
I once had a major thing (erratic arming of tracks) in the previous forum.
And I mailed Steinberg, created a constructive thread, as did others. After 6 months the problem was solved.
There were work arounds in the meantime.

So yes, Problems do get solved.

And I agree, implying they are hiding behind the couch etc is by no means constructive and will never get the mods or anyone else for that matter move to the rescue.