New UR-22, Asio4all better thanSteinberg drivers!

Hello all, this is my first post.

I just bought a Steinberg UR22 to replace my ageing Yammy UW-500. Two reasons, one so that I can get full 64bit support for my WIn7 Toshiba Satellite A5050 series, and the other to try out AI6.
Plan is to build a dedicated DAW workstation when I can afford it.

I downloaded the latest 64bit drivers and it installed perfectly.
I havent yet downloaded and installed AI6.

When testing out some AI4 projects and some non cubase related audio the output was very scratchy sounding like latency issues. It was in fact worse than the 32bit Yammy! I tried adjusting the Steinberg driver latency to maximum. WIth no avail. Then I downloaded Asio4all2 64bit drivers and although I also had to set Asio4all buffers to max as well, its much better than the Steinberg drivers. Whats going on here?
I know this is a budget interface but really the manufacturers drivers should be better than generic.

Considering how well Steinberg protect their intellectual property with dongles and logins and passwords adnausium a little more care and money should be spent on the product itself.

Regards - Tee.

the whole UR family perform very well for USB devices, i think you might have some system issues if you’re not getting good performance.

I own a UR824 and a UR22 and they work very well indeed on my desktop or HP elitebook laptop.


I always liked the Asio4all inputs had l/r on track input which was great for using a panning delay,etc. I switch to the one with my UR22mkII and its mono. I do like the low latency in the UR 22 , but prefer the stereo input for some instruments. When using asio4all, I was using a Behringer xenyx 302 but had to adjust the latency drastically for it to work. I do have a TRS to TRS cable which does separate the channels of the input but I have to split into a 2 into 1 y adapter