New UR RT4 32 bit or cheaper AXR4?

Is there any plan to upgrade the UR RT 4 to 32 bit??? or to make an AXR4 with a bit less functions-inputs and menus in order to get into the price range 600-1500 euros but with the same good transformers and preamps??

Now we jump from the ur-c series and ur rt 4 for some 500 euros to the over the top AXR4, some 2300 euros :face_with_thermometer:. If there are not products on that mid-high price range I think I will move to a RME… I mean it doesn’t seem that the UR RT4 is such an improvement from a ur c… than for all those who cannot afford the AXR4 , there’s no choice but to move to Rme, universal audio… thanks :v:

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I am just curious: Which RME and UA interfaces are you referring to?

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I think almost all of them are better than an UR RT, better converters at least and probably best preamps:
RME babyface pro, fireface UCX or 802
UA Apollo twin x duo

If Steinberg makes an AXR2 or similar I would buy it, otherwise I think I would choose an RME, they are renewed for clarity and stability, and I don’t want to be swallowed by the abyss of UAD plugins :joy:

I still dont get it? Your initial request was very specific: you wanted 32 bit, and afaik neither RME nor UAD does that
So what you really want is a Steingerg “UCX”, like half an AXR4, and that I can understand.

What I really would like is a professional sound card 32 bit, cheaper then the AXR4, but with the same high end overall quality (4 preamps would be the best)

Steinberg has now ur c series 32 bit and the more expensive ur rt series 24 bit series, but both are still considered “home recording stuff” (this doesn’t mean that you can’t do great recordings with them)
and then they have the AXR4, too expensive for me

RME and UA , even with their 24 bit, are still better and more professional then the 32 bit Steinberg ur c and the ur rt. Have better converters and preamps and are considered an industry standard. Then since there is nothing better I would buy one of them.
Reality vs desire, got it?