NEW UR22 Mk2 - Intermittent Strange 'Metallic' quality to monitored sound - any ideas?

A friend has just bought the Steinberg UR 22 MK2 which came with a copy of Cubase 12 Elements.
He has it all set-up correctly, VSTs working, Midi Keyboard recognised and recording, microphone and guitar inputs all good Audio Connections looks good, both input and output and STUDIO SETUP has the right driver displayed but…oh no!..intermittent fault!

When Monitoring his system sometimes develops what he calls a metallic, almost robotic quality to the sound.

As I have never had a UR22 I don’t know much about the set-up - could it be that the buffer size is not right? Or is it something to do with the MIX knob on the front of the interface? Is it latency? Or could it be something to do with DIRECT MONITORING causing a feedback loop? Possibly his speakers are not able to handle the output? Poor quality leads? I don’t know how to advise him!

Is there anyone here who uses this interface that might be able to shed some light on this? Or tell me what settings they have in Audio Connections and Studio Setup. As I live too far away from this internet ‘friend’ I cannot visit to experiment with these ideas but maybe someone here has experienced similar issues and sorted them out?

I would be grateful for all ideas - thx in advance,

To me it sounds like a driver issue, perhaps a device or sample rate conflict or something along those lines. Just “metallic” to me hints at a type of problem that’s hard to nail down but is often solved by restarting.

I would maybe look into giving Cubase exclusive access to the driver just to start somewhere, in case he hasn’t already done that.

It’d probably be a good idea though to try to capture the sound and share it here so we can hear it. Sometimes it’s a good way to exclude some problems and point in the right direction.

Could be direct monitoring which is causing a loopback.

Thx guys - I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

I’ve been through the suggestions checking things like Direct Monitoring and Buffer Size, but the problem continues! :frowning:

Have to admit that I don’t really know what or how to give Cubase exclusive access to the driver though.

Now I’m wondering could it be the computer they are using?
Intel(R) Core™ i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz 2.13 GHz 4Gb RAM

Or could it be a problem with the frequency response of the speakers/ amplifier?

OR could it be a faulty UR22 unit?

Again, thx in advance for any thoughts


Maybe something like that. But there’s not really any info to go by here.

A recording would be best so people could hear it. I would bet someone will have an answer right away.

Are you testing with a simple project with a single audio track and no FX?


Thx for the reply - it’s great that people are ready to share ideas.

I have asked him to send me an audio file next time it happens and will post it here once I receive it.

Watch this space !