New UR44 Firmware Update (Dec 6) made device disappear from Mac!

Hi. I’ve been using my UR44 for a few years with no problems.
Today noticed that some of my audio was cutting in and out a bit today, and as I had updated to Mac OS 10.15 a few months ago, I thought that might have something to do it.

So I went to the Steinberg Download page and saw there was a new firmware update from Dec 6 that included Mac OS 10.15.
I downloaded it and was very careful to follow the UpdateGuide.pdf instructions exactly.
The update ran and completed with no error messages.

But now my Mac can no longer “see” the device: The UR44 is not on the list of audio devices.
I tried rebooting my Mac, to no avail.

The power light on the UR44 is blinking now. It didn’t do that before.

Any ideas for help? I have no audio now. :-/