New UR44 user here with some questions

Hey guys… :mrgreen:
So i bought the unit yestarday…here are the questions i have so far.i read the manual but could not find anything regarding these

1.How do i use cubase 5 control room feature with this interface?..bcz i have to mute the monitor output when im recording.

2.How do i control the mic input volume(which is going to the vocalist`s headphone) ?
cant find a way to do this…i can control the whole volume of the track of course.but i just need to gain the mic input volume for the vocalist so he/she can hear better

3.i have to turn the input volume knob like more than 80% to get a decent input level…is this normal…?

4.There is a thing called ‘‘Dedicated Windows for Cubase’’… Does this work with cubase 5 ?

5.Is there a way to control the output channels in cubase…?..bcz in vst connections window i can only select mix control 1 or 2 as the output channel

If someone can shed some light on this that would be great

Thank you

I seem to remember the UR works fine with C5. I suggest you read the Control-Room chapter in the Cubase User Manual, this describes how you set up these facilities - output and cue (or studio as they are called in 5) sends. In terms of routing you need only be concerned with the Mixes and not with the physical outputs - this is just something you’re going to have to wrap your head around - i.e. study until the concept clicks in your brain :wink:

Thanks for replying…:slight_smile:
Thats mix control thing is the hardest thing to get used to.Everything else is fine