New UR44C Software and driver update trashes Cubase

I installed the new UR44C software and driver update and my Cubase 13 stopped working properly. My Dorico is working fine since the update. If I uninstall the UR44C update, Cubase goes back to working just fine with the previous older UR44C package. Any suggestions to fix this problem will be appreciated.

I’m on a MAC, latest OS.


Could you be more specfic, what is not working as expected on your side, please?

Cubase 13 slows down immensely and the menus don’t come up properly and take forever to load, you have to select them several times before they react. When I disable the new UR44C driver, Cubase then returns to working normally. That’s why I feel it’s something to do with the new UR44C update. Dorico is on the same computer and it works fine.


Could you please make a video screen recording?

Here is a brief video of the slow menu switching, only when UR44C is enabled. With default Mac sound, no slowness, just regular smoothness.
Oops, your forum won’t let me upload the video, can I send it some other way?


Put it to a Dropbox or similar service and share the link, please.

Dropbox link for video


I’m sorry, the video doesn’t playback on my side.

Can I send the link to you directly via email? Dropbox requires an email to share.

Lee Holdridge


Could you send me the link via the Private Message here on the forum, please?

I can confirm that the problem is the new UR44C software and driver. I switched the interface to one from another company and everything works perfectly, both Cubase and Dorico.


Thank you for the video. As far as I can see, you get the repetitive spinning wheel (rainbow wheel), once you select the driver. And since then, you can’t do anything, right?

To me it looks like the component, which is used by Cubase doesn’t work as expected.

Right, when the UR44C is disconnected and another interface and another driver is selected, the spinning wheel goes away and Cubase works in normal fashion.


I sent you a Privat Message.

I can confirm the problem
You need Windows11
Cubase 13
all installed to the latest version
Steinberg/ yamaha Aiso driver selected. (The usual one to use)

To cause a hang / slow down Click the e button top right in the inspector
To cause a crash Rt click on empty space in the inspector and choosed setup sections

Not happening with any other interface OR with UR 44c is another driver selected
Cubase 64bit 2019.9.19 (993.2 KB)


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This DMP file comes from Cubase 10.0.40, what doesn’t relate to the:

Could you provide Cubase 13 DMP file, please?

Sorry about that List upside down!!!
Cubase 13.0.30 64bit2024.4.2 (1.5 MB)


Could you please provide me the exact UR44C driver version, to have it all at one place?

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Driver is V2.1.6
dspMixFX UR-C V3.0.0

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Thank you very much, I have updated the report.

Btw, the crash happens (surprisingly) in Cubase, not in the driver.