New User: Adding text boxes to flows


New user trying to build some improv charts in Dorico.

Can I add a few bars with instructions like “play these four notes randomly with a blues feel” or a slash marks and a instructions to “play chords in this key in this pattern” and separate each improvisational excercise into a new section?

Thank you

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I’m sure the answer is “yes,” but I’m trying to ascertain exactly what you’re wanting. Can you describe further, or better yet, post a screenshot?

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Hi Dan,

I can’t find an example right now, but is there a way to add a moveable and re-sizeable TEXT BOX to a flow?

For example, a flow could be four bars (of notes or chords with slash marks) and then have a (large font) paragraph where I explain the improvisational game based on those bars.

I’m a new user (day 1) and I LOVE the flow concept. Especially how the flows get pulled together in the print view. Brilliant.


Sure, you can use Shift-X to add a text item anywhere, and you can add a border around it using the properties panel at the bottom. You can make it any font size you want.

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