New user, help with MIDI file export -- *with* CCs and Program change etc

Hi there
I am trialing Cubase to see if it will what I need, currently using Studio 1.
I create backing tracks for our band and in addition to the audio stems I need to create a matching (in length) MIDI file that has control messages embedded within it (Program changes and Control Changes and Notes).
S1 rather bizarrely does not save PC msgs in a midi file when it is exported! CC and Notes yes, PC, NO! Very weird but very frustrating. But it makes S1 useless for my needs. I sure dont want to have to run a second DAW just to add a MIDI PC message, I am looking for a one stop shop.

So can someone pls help me out so I can get on with my eval and point me in the right direction for how to create a MIDI file, ad within it PC, CC and Note msgs, then export it out as a normal MID file.
Thanks so much

Hi and welcome to the forum,

In the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Export Options, you can define what should be exported and how in Cubase.

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First you create a MIDI track in the project view.
Then you draw in a MIDI part on that track by using the pencil tool. You can also double click an empty area on the track between the Left and Right Locator. If you set the Locators earlier for your audio stems then the part will have the correct length.
To insert PCs you have a couple of options. If you have external midi gear that creates the PCs you just record them. If you want to create them from scratch with your mouse, select the MIDI part, go to menu MIDI → List Editor.
The List Editor lets you insert any MIDI message event (including a PC). Kindly have a look at the online manual on how to use it and create any event.

For notes and CCs the Key Editor would be better suited.
Menu MIDI → Key Editor
Here’s the manual entry:

For the actual export, select the MIDI part, press p to set the Locators correctly and then go to menu File → Export → MIDI File
Check the manual for any settings:

I assume for what you want to achieve you don’t need to adjust any of the default options.

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Many thanks for the kind help provided here. Much appreciated.
I will of course be reading the manuals (already started!) but I just wanted to hear that this can be done. Which you have done. So it looks like I will be moving to Cubase from S1. Pity really, I spent a good while learning S1 and got pretty quick. But I now cannot proceed without creating a MIDI control track which has PC msgs in it. So looking forward to learning Cubase now!


If you know one DAW it’s much easier to learn other one then starting from scratch.

You will be amazed how much more can Cubase do.

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I am not a Steinberg rep, so I can say this: I cannot believe that this is not possible in Studio One. This is so basic and the devs over there are not that kind of negligent.

Hey Johnny
Yes it does seem bizzare but it is 100% true. The forums are full of people asking for it, since Version 1!! But it is still not done. I confirmed this with their support team last week.
I even did a test myself as I couldn’t believe it either. I created a mid clip with CC msg, notes and PC. Saved the clip then inspected it using Midi-Kit on a Mac. (Great utility). And the PC msg was just not there! Everything else was just fine, but no PC.
So as bizzare as it seems, it is true. And very frustrating. It really can’t be so hard to include PC msgs in an exported midi clip given that everything else is done and working.
Ah well, who know what goes on at Presonus.

Thanks for your great help BTW. I have now created a fully working midi track on Cubase, exported it and loaded it into my live playback software and it works perfectly. So easy too!


I looked it up and found the statement from Presonus that S1 version 6 does indeed not export program changes in midi files.
I am puzzled. Why wouldn’t you incorporate this as a dev?
Well, anyway. Glad you’re all set now.