New User . is 11 Stable ?

Hi Everyone , I’ve purchased 11 couple of days back and while I’m waiting for Donge key wanted to check with you guys who already got yours tested how is stability in general.
I use Bitwig and have been in need of tools that Bitwig is missing and might take long time if at all before they implement feature that Cubase and studio One has . mainly Composition tools and also ARA . so decided to get Cubase 11 pro . I’ve tried it few times before and more or less familiar with Cubase
workflow and think that Bitwig and Cubase be will good compliment to each other.

so I’ve heard from some users that cubase have had critical crushes before I hope those threats came from desperate users :laughing: I 've been also reading that 11 0 version is pretty stable . I very personally take DAW cursing on me :slight_smile: and hope that 11 pro will function well on pretty powerful computer .
I have 2019 McbookPro 8 core i9 . 64Gb ram so my computer is pretty capable . please comment, elaborate .

by the way how’s Steinberg support team . do they respond fast if something goes wrong?

Many Thx and look forward exploring Cubase workflow .


Cubase 11 is very stable here on my side. And as far as I can see here on the forum, it seems to be very stable in general.

I’ve been upgrading my Cubase licenses for a few years now on the release date. It’s never a perfectly smooth transition. Expect a few bugs to be fixed by the end of January or whenever they release the first maintenance update.

Steinberg insist on releasing the software upgrades mid November each year. Whether or not the software is stable and free of bugs is irrelevant to them. Some of the bugs being reported took only about a few hours for us paying users to experience so obviously they were seen by beta tester and ignored to meet the release date.

Cubase 11 is not the worst upgrade I’ve seen but has definitely more bugs than 10.5.20. In my case It’s mostly related to the HiDPI support that’s not quite there yet on Windows. Some of the bugs my coworkers experienced might not occur with a fresh install. Upgrades seem to sometimes cause conflicts between preference folders of older versions and the new release, again in Windows. Can’t speak for Mac users.


Btw, you can install and use Cubase 10.5 with Cubase 11 license. So if you find Cubase 11 is not stable enough for you, you can always use Cubase 10.5 (or older).

Thanks for your feedback . you know yourself that there’s trolls operating so I have to use my judgement to tell which post is authentic .


Yes of course. I still have Cubase 10 and 10.5 installed in case I need to open older projects. I’ve been waiting for so long to be able to work in 125% that I can work around the few bugs it adds for now.

I’ve read somewhere that renaming the preference folder of older Cubase installations bypasses them. After renaming my 10 and 10.5 folders, I lost a few preferences and had to simply re-copy them but it seemed to have fixed a few issues I had with the new sampler track.

The main issue remaining is that with all my instrument tracks that contain midi modfiers and the addition of scale assistent in C11, all my tracks in all my templates are now locked to a Locrian scale by default. Nothing that can’t be fixed but it’s very annoying and time consuming. C11 broke all my templates in a way. Not going to be an issue for new users though.

That’s not really a problem on the Steinberg forums. There is a core community that identifies trolls fairly quickly and they get bounced.

they should . its so annoying to read the troll. not that they do real damage but they have no place here