New user issues related to video, rehearsal marks, and more

Hello, I’m a beginner on Dorico, I come from Sibelius, Notion, Cubase…

Dorico is a superior software but it seems to have bugs and missing everyday functionallities.
Maybe I’m wrong, but If so, maybe the notice should say it.

Missing functionnalities:

What can’t I find rehearsal marks anywhere?
Why isn’t there a “go to marker”? SO useful! How can you live without it?

I can’t find anyway to scroll the video for fine synchronization.
-Let me tell you again that I spend a lot of time with the notice, so if it does exist, the notice should say it-

Could you please implement the CC121 for Dorico? After all, you’re Steinberg, right? Should be logical.

I find the shortcut list not intuitive. Not big a problem but could be better. There are so many functions out there, shortcuts are essential.

In read mode, I can’t seem to find a way to display two -or more- tracks at the same time, like in cubase. Please help.

Now about bug report:

The writing cursor, when in Quarter, sometimes does crazy implements.
I’m using note performer, most of the time, and it happens that I’m on cello and WHILE WRITING I hear a flute or whatever. Playback gets back to normal.

A great bug would be when you have, for exemple, a 2/4 bar before a 4/4

If I want to change the 2/4 into 3/4, the weirdest thing happen!
Some instruments are 3/4 while other stay in 2/4!
I managed to get out of this by deleting the 4/4 and writing it back again.

Like said with note performer, I had out of sync moments when the audio is delayed -more than a second- from the score.

Dorico is a superior software, no doubt, but it feels young. Please hurry up and make it complete. Thank you very much.

Professional composer from France.

I’ve moved your post from the end of an unrelated thread to a new one, Stéphane, so that we can discuss the issues you raise directly.

For rehearsal marks, please see:

To move through a video frame by frame, hold the Command key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Windows) and use - and + on the numeric keypad, or alternatively F7 and F9. You can also move to any position in the video by showing the Key Editor and clicking in its ruler to move the playhead to that position.

It’s not clear what problem you’re having with the list of shortcuts. You can view all the current keyboard shortcuts via the Help menu, which shows a useful visualisation of the shortcuts on a keyboard. There is a logic and pattern to the way we have determined Dorico’s shortcuts, and they will make sense to you as you become more familiar with the software.

In order for us to investigate the problem you describe with inputting time signatures, please provide an example project that reproduces the issue. Some guidelines for how we can help you most efficiently:

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There is extensive support for Rehearsal Marks (shift-A creates the next Rehearsal Mark in the current sequence)

Edit>Go to…>Go to rehearsal mark?

You can define your own shortcuts for virtually every Dorico command. Also take a moment to explore the Jump bar.

There is no “read mode” in Dorico. If you only see one track, you are probably looking at the layout for that particular instrument. All tracks (players) are visible in the full score layout and if you use the galley view (rather than the page view) you can filter any combination of instruments to see.

I don’t think any of these are bugs. Dorico has a very specific way of handling meter (2/4 3/4 etc.) that is different from every other program. Take time to understand how powerful it is. In particular work through the First Steps Guide (It’s a little out of date, but it covers the basics very well)