New user of Cubase SL

Hello there. How do I go about registering as a new user? I presume I have to pay a transfer fee? I was given Cubase SL (the original CD-Rom, USB Dongle and serial number)by a friend who no longer uses it on his PC and would like to transfer it to my name. Currently, when I load the software as instructed and reboot with the dongle installed it is not recognised even though the LED lights up.
Any advice would be gratefully received, thanks, Paul

You shouldn’t need to transfer the license just to use your Cubase. It’s only needed for to get Steinberg support and ability to upgrade your Cubase. Only reason I can think of causing your problem is incompatibility with your operating system and license manager found on original CD-ROM (could be easier to comfirm, if you told us your Cubase version number and your operating system).

But anyway … these problems are usually resolved by downloading and installing latest e-Licenser software:

It may be wise to transfer license, though (in case you need official Steinberg support and/or want to upgrade). For this you can find instructions on Steinberg website (Yes … I know … they are hidden somewhere deep inside there … maybe someone else can provide you a direct link).

Thanks for the quick reply. I have SL version 1.02 and I am running it on Windows XP. My PC has a 1.6GHz Celeron processor and 1.9GB of RAM. I will try downloading the e-licenser as you suggested.

I have downloaded the latest e-licenser and in the control centre it detects my USB-Licenser and displays the serial number. It also states I have a full license for the product. However, when I try to boot up Cubase I just get a dialogue box stating:

Application ‘Cubase SL 1.x’ has caused the following error:

Unknown GetInfo command received