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Hopefully this link will lead to Dropbox, showing a .pdf of my Dorico project. Dropbox - Binder2.pdf - Simplify your life
Assuming that link works, please look at the triplet in the second measure that I have highlighted in orange (the highlight spills over the the following quarter note rest, but ignore that). The piece is in 4/4 and the prevailing rhythm divides each of the 4 beats into a triplet. In that second of the four quarter note beats of the second measure, I want to further subdivide the first beat of the triplet into two sixteenth notes, which should be followed by two 8th note rests for the remainder of the triplet. What is shown on the first page instead is two 8th notes spread across the first two beats of the triplet, followed by just a single 8th note rest for the last of the 3 triplet beats… I try to shorten the note duration by clicking on the line connecting the two 8th notes (the Eb and the F), and then clicking on the 16th note symbol at the left of the screen. Then I end up with what is shown on the second page of the linked file - a 16th note, followed by a 16th rest, followed by a 16th note and another 16th note rest, and then finally an 8th rest to fill out the triplet. How do I get the two notes, the Eb and the F, to be on the first beat of the triplet, instead of half on each of the first two beats of the triplet?

Welcome to the forum Steve! Unless Insert mode is active (press I or click the I-shaped button in the toolbox on the left in Write mode), Dorico won’t pull notes closer together if you shorten them, you’ll get rests in between as you found.

You could try re-doing the duration change with Insert mode active, but be aware that will also affect the next tuplet later on, i.e. the notes in that tuplet will be pulled earlier. You might find it easier to set your rhythmic grid (the note icon in the bottom-left corner of the window) to 16th notes, change the duration without Insert mode, and then simply select the 2nd note and press Alt-left arrow to move it rhythmically to the left.

Thanks. I was able to get what I wanted using your suggestion about the rhythmic grid. If you happen to know off the top of your head which training video covers this area, let me know. Otherwise, I’m sure I’ll come across it in the ordinary course of watching the intro videos.

Note input / editing videos like this one would probably be helpful. And there’s always this classic, of course.

Similar problem. I want the last triplet to be divided into two sixteenth notes, followed by two 8th note rests. I don’t seem to be able to get it to do it.

  1. Set the rhythmic grid to demis/32nds.
  2. Use Shift-Alt-Left to shorten the first note (it’s currently dotted). You could alternatively just grab that note and hit 4 to tell Dorico you want it to be a demi/32nd.
  3. Slide the following note over using Alt-Left.

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thank you very much