New user – tempo change question

Hi folks – I am on a Windows 10 machine and I’m using cubase Pro 9.5…
I am writing a minimalist piece with prepared piano and other fun sounds :slight_smile:
I have figured out how to change meters – but for the life of me I am not successful with changing tempos. For instance for the first 45 bars the time signature is 4/4
Q= 130 bpm’s. I would like the eighth note to equal in 4/4 the same pulse in 7/8…
However with my limited time I am not successful and slightly embarrassed to ask – BUT how do you switch tempos?

After perusing the manual there are all many different ways and many steps to do so… I am wondering if someone could shed light on this it seems harder than it should?.

Again, I am a new user and thank you for your patience – happy holidays and happy new year to all. Thank you, Jim

The 8th notes will always be equal in 4/4 and 7/8. Are you confusing 7/8 with 7/4?
Anyway, to change tempo mid track, you can add a tempo track. I don’t have Cubase open now, but it should be available in the add track dropdown, alternatively cmd-T on mac (so ctrl-T on windows?).

ok…for now i am good…thanks.