New User Thread - Say hello and introduce yourself.

I was looking for a general thread to say hello specifically for Dorico users. I did not see one, so if there is one of course I’ll post there and delete this or whatever is protocol. Also, based on using other forums, this thread may be locked after a certain length, I don’t know what the moderators prefer here. Though I suppose it’s possible most people are here to either complain or ask tutorial questions and may not be sticking around to converse.

I go by my middle name generally on the internet, but I’m Michael and I’m a guitar teacher in Dallas, TX.

Just wanted to say hello to the forum, hope to meet others users, musicians, composers, and regardless of the number of questions and learning curve, from what I’ve seen I’m rather confident in Dorico. Thanks to Daniel for his energetic interaction, and Steinberg for the push for excellent product.

Cheers to everyone in the holiday season.

Hello, my name is Warlen but I go by the last half of it – Len. That’s how Daniel and others know me.
I haven’t bought Dorico yet and am a Sibelius user for 15 years-- before that was on Finale. My late wife in 2001 told me I had to get off of Finale because I was always yelling at my computer and so she bought me Sibelius. Thank God! I stopped yelling.

I thought I had a computer lined up that would run Dorico well, but somebody beat me to it. (Used, I can’t afford new right now and my present computer won’t run Dorico.) So still raising the money and looking. Soon as I find the right one I’ll buy it and then immediately buy Dorico and probably a Steinberg audio hardware unit like the MK22.

I’ve known Daniel for many years online and finally met him in Nashville last month. He’s as great in person as he is online. I know several ‘famous’ Sibelius users as well.

Thanks for posting and starting this thread.

Hi Len - I got Dorico along with a new computer and interface/daw to have a clean machine for my work. I’m going with Presonus for now but depending on what ends up taking more of my time I may look into a Steinberg interface at some point. Spent all the available Christmas funds for now. :slight_smile:

I have been a Dorico User for a grand total of 2 days, and there’s a bit of learning / re-learning involved, but part of that is having friendly people to ask questions, so a thread for people to get to know each other a bit seems like a good idea. A general chat might be a good idea too. I purchased a very basic HP computer, but “basic” now is about 4 times better than what I purchased 2 years ago.

I tried Sibelius a long, long time ago but it was a bit too stiff for me to pursue. I have seen several of the videos Daniel has posted, he seems friendly and knowledgeable, I’m glad to know that’s true in real life.

Nice to meet you too, Len.