New user with a Yamaha 01X

Hi, My last outing with Cubase was SX3 on Windows XP. I bought it with a bundled Yamaha 01X. Now I have Cubase 10 Pro on Windows 10 x64 and wondering if there’s anyone with experience of getting the 01X to work in this environment. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. (I have a feeling someone will suggest scrapping the 01X!) :unamused:

Thank you in anticipation…

I used to have one and then Yamaha decided to drop driver support after Vista (Works perfectly Vista/XP). Hence I and many others ended up having expensive door stops. Not much help but I am afraid the 01X is history and I very much doubt that anyone has it working as a controller in Cubase anymore going by the number of replies you have received. Unless of course they are still using Windows XP.

Thanks Quietly. I have found an 01x group on Facebook and there are a few claims on there that the device is up and running on Win 10. I have attempted install a number of times but it’s hit and miss, and not fully working for me, although I am getting sound out of it but struggling to get Cubase to recognise it. Definitely a driver issue and possibly the make of Firewire card/port/driver are adding to my frustration. I will persevere for a while as it’s too large to be a practical door stop - even in the lovely weather we’re having!!

Hi jp88,

after a small hardware modification, I got the 01x working here with Cubase via Midi-Ports just for the purpose of it being a Remote Control. Works perfectly nice including the motor faders following fader settings being changed in Cubase. Am not using it as a mixer for external sound sources or microphones. Perhaps this works too via the Studio Manager connection on the other midi port.

Some more background:

I got a 01X from a friend. Tried then to use it with its MLAN-drivers under Windows 7. Also looked at the plenty of hints of this Facebook group. But did not get to run it near to be smoothly even after hours of trying. The MLAN-hacks required a lot of fiddeling. E.g. usage of unsigned drivers, special boot modes, special Firewire card etc. It all made me feel uncomfortable on losing stability of the PC. Then I kicked this approach, and …

Then I found instructions for the hardware modification of the 01x. It requires six modifications on a printed circuit board. Soldering iron and a few pieces of cable is sufficient. This makes the 01x to behave like a Mackie Control on Midi Port 1 and for the Yamaha Studio Manager on Midi Port 2.

The instructions can be found here: synth-login

On top, you should look for the 01x Service Manual. It explains in great detail, how to take the 01x apart. The manual can be found in the Internet.

Once open, five pairs of pins have to be bridged. Either directly with the soldering iron or 2x small pieces of cable. Also one trace on the PCB has to be cut. Took me about 2 hrs. I was very careful. So it could go quicker.

To summarize, if you are not hesitant to open such box and make those modifications, it is worth while doing it. It does not require to be a soldering professional, but some experience is a good thing to have. If never having used a soldering iron, it is perhaps not a good idea to give it a try.

Once connected, there are also some special treatments required in the setup for the 01x as a Generic Remote. The faders need to be set up with 14-bit resolution (not a big deal in the XML-file of the Generic Remote) and the rotary knobs also need some special treatment with Midi-Ox for them to be recognized as incremental knobs.

Thank you TSJus

I have experience with soldering, so may give that a go. I will try another Firewire Card first, there is someone who has started a survey on the 01x facebook group, so I may be able to source one that is known to work. Seems a shame not to have the full capabilities of the 01x working together - especially as work surface is limited!

If I succeed, I’ll update here.

Forgive my ignorance, and I’m here because I’m looking to buy one of these. But can you not just uses a Firewire to USB adaptor and connect it to a PC/Laptop that way? Obviously there are the software issues that’s been reported to work around, but as for connection issues can you not just do what I’ve said, use a firewire to usb adaptor?

Can you not just use a firewire to usb adaptor?

Have you ever seen one?

It must have cost a lot of goodwill for Steinberg/Yamaha to drop that support.

I can´t figure out all the details.
Is it necesary to solder a resistance there?
For PortA to remote(mackie) place a wire from 24a to 25b and another from 25a to 24b and that is all?
Thank you

HI all, I have had the 01x since new (about 2 months after they came out) and yes it works with windows 10 (x64) but I only ever managed to get it working in test mode (development). If you follow my youtube video it should work with almost any firewire card, I have only found one that never worked. I created a second bootable drive specifically to use the mixer although working in test mode is not a big issue.

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Hi. What’s the youtube video you mentioning?

Paulllo - everything you need is here on Happy Harry Website

Try this site: HHNET • 01X & AW4416

and this facebook group 01X: Yamaha 01X | Facebook

I still use mine on my Windows 10 64bit.

If you can get hold of a Yamaha i88x interface then you can route the 01x control midi to the midi in/out of the i88x.

I also have a focusrite scarlet and I use ADAT to be able to get 8 in and 8 out audio channels from either the 01x or the i88x or a combination of both. I also bring the control midi from the i88x into the pc through the focusrite but you can use any cheap midi usb interface to do that.

You do need a computer with windows 7 or xp (32 bit). And firewire of course, to be able to set up all the routing, but once it’s done the configuration is remembered.

It’s been a couple of years since I set the thing up so I don’t remember the fine details, but it’s all still working flawlessly.

Hope that is helpful to someone.

Hi man
Perhaps still got the instructables for this mod? Cant seem to open the link


have a look here to start: Yamaha 01x midi mod by El Tortugo - YouTube

Descriptive text points to PDF-Files with more descriptions and how-to.

Is actually a new variant without soldering and/or cutting traces on the PCB. Just needs a scsi connector plug with a few bridges to be added (soldering a few cables). Plug replaces the mLan Card and tells the box to send all controls via MIDI ports.

LG, Juergi

PS: Am still using my 01x

Thank you so much