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Just got Cubase Pro 10 and have already started a project in it…figured it’s the best way to learn the software! So far I’m really enjoying the experience and see a possibility of switching over to Cubase full-time in the near future. I’m about 400 pages into reading the main manual but do have a couple of questions. I did figure out how to convert stereo tracks to mono but I’m unsure about routing and buses and also multi-out Vsti’s like BFD2.

To start, I’m a long time Sonar user and am used to routing in that DAW…the Master Bus is routed to your main physical outs, tracks and busses by default are routed to the Master Bus. Anything can be routed anywhere so…you can send tracks to a bus(for instance all Strings to a String Bus, etc.). You can also create and FX Bus(for instance Reverb) and use Sends on individual tracks to send part or all signal to that Bus.Busses can also feed other Busses, for instance the String Bus can output to an Orchestra Bus. In Cubase everything goes to the main outs…where does the Master figure in? And how do I change from main outs on a track to a “Bus”? I know there are groups but if everything goes to the main outs it seems like a lot of duplicated signals, especially with FX “Busses”. So how do I approach routing? Can I create Busses? Can I send a track somewhere other than the main physical outs? I’m willing to learn a new way of doing things, I’m just flying blind right now :wink:

Now on to multi-out Vsti…in Sonar when I add for instance my EastWest Play it creates a Midi track and 16 stereo audio tracks…I use one instance of Play per instrument and 3 mic positions so I delete all but the first 3 stereo tracks and in Play route the mics to the separate audio outs. When I record the Midi track records the Midi information and I can choose whether to record the audio as I play or leave them empty till I bounce down to 3 audio tracks. In the project I’m working on I have 2 instances of BFD2 but all I see is the Midi tracks and everything in BFD2 is routed to the Master rather than to individual mics like I am used to. I generally use mono tracks for the kick, snare, and hihat, and stereo tracks for the cymbals, toms, and room, ambient, and overhead mics. How do I set this up in Cubase to do the same thing? Insert audio tracks routed to BFD2, then I can route the mics in BFD2?

I’m new to all this right now but I’ll get it :slight_smile:


To send to a group, you must first create a group (right click in track inspector to select which track to add, or click the + icon). By default, that group will be routed to the master stereo out. Likewise, if you want to send to an FX channel (which is essentially a group for FX sends, you must create one).

There are several ways to select how to send to a group. Here’s one way, via the Channel Settings window.

Multi Outs for VSTs
Cubase automatically creates a stereo out for a VST. If you want to enable additional outputs, you need to enable them. In the VST Instruments windows, click the button below and enable as many output as you need. They will then appear in the mixer. Hope that makes sense!

Lots of video’s on routing. Basically Cubase mimics how a physical mixer works.

Thanks guys! Time to learn new ways :slight_smile: