New version of AltiVerb / Dolby Atmos & Silicon Native

Popped up in my YouTube feed just a while ago.

Some had been waiting for native support on Altiverb as a long hold-out. Looks like they took a bit and did a lot more to the plugin. Pretty nice.


Great news! But, we’ll have to wait for the Windows version… :expressionless:

Looks like a huge (and long-awaited) update. Looking forward to checking it out!

Nuendo 13 & Altiverb XL 8: Cursor stutter when playing automated “Snapshots”


The last version of Altiverb XL (ver 8) from Audio Ease make the cursor stutter when playing automated “Snapshots”.


I automated some Altiverb “Snapshots”. When playing in Read mode, the problem occurs.

If there is no automation on the “Snapshots” lane, there is no problem. As long as there is any data on the “Snapshots” automation lane, the problem occurs. The cursor can be placed anywhere in the project for this to happen.


I have tested exactly the same in Pro Tools Ultimate and Studio One (VST3) - both latest versions - and there is now problem.

I have reported this to Audio Ease.

Any one else that can confirm this issue?


Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max. 64GB/4TB. Ventura 13.6.

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Kind of disappointing that it’s going to cost around $650CDN to upgrade from the the full version of 7XL to 8XL. I guess it’s good that, while waiting for Audio Ease to update to Apple Silicon that I got proficient in Cinematic Rooms and Reverberate. In fact, with the current sale Liquidsonics is having, I can purchase their entire collection for less than the upgrade fee from Audio Ease.

Hum… Maybe I have a special price? It’s like 260 $CDN.

I think the higher price is if you come from Altiverb 7 (non-XL) and go to 8 XL. But that’s not just an lateral upgrade, but also an expanded feature set.

I’m in Nuendo 13 on Mac intel Monterey
I have some problem with Altiverb 8 XL :

  • The snapshot automation bug
  • I have some Episodes (40min) when I export on offline:
    In altiverb 8.04 they take 12min (normal)
    In altiverb 8.05 they take more then 2:00h

I will fanboy Liquidsonics all day :D. Seriously, Cinematic Rooms Professional made an algo convert out of me. Back in the day when I first heard IR based reverb I was blown away. It sounded SO MUCH BETTER than any of the algo stuff then. I loved it, wanted it, and finally got to have it with Waves IR-1 many years later. Kept using IR based verb, occasionally tried some newer algo ones, all had issues to my ears.

Then I played with CRP and 7th Heaven (which is IR based, but a capture of an algo unit). That converted me back. They are amazing. They just sound so great and, of course, you can adjust them to your heart’s content.

I would encourage everyone to give Liquidsonics a try, particularly compared to Alitverb since really the main complaint I can come up with for Liquidsonics is the price but Altiverb makes that look cheap.

Also, they do a good job with PC development, whereas it always feels like an afterthought on Altiverb.

Those two aside, if you want good IR reverb I actually like Spaces 2 from EastWest better. I am not at all an EW fan, they are kind of a garbage company… but I can’t deny the quality of what they produce and I’d say their IRs are better than what you get from Audioease. They don’t have as many varied environments, but the sonic quality is better (to my ears).

Really though, give CRP a try. It just slaps. Like just load it up and try the default Amethyst Hall and tell me it isn’t great. Sounds beautiful, and not a hint of ringing or metallic artifacts to be heard.

I own both products (CR and Altiverb) and they are two complete separate tools. There is a place for algorithmic reverb and a place for convolution reverbs. Plus, there’s more to an IR reverb than the app - it’s all about the IR captures. I’ve compared Altiverb to many different IR reverbs over the years (hoping to rid myself of dongle-dependent software, I must admit) and there’s really no comparing. Audioease literally have decades of experience on the competition and it shows in the end product.

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Yes, it’s much more expensive from the standard 7 upwards. I didn’t have the 7 XL, because it wasn’t worth it. Meanwhile, I discovered LiquidSonic’s wonderful Cinematic Room. Not only has Aliverb been too slow to get to Atmos and change its outdated interface, but it’s still too expensive to upgrade. I’m going to keep my version 7 for stereo… until Black Friday 2024!

I think it depends on what you use reverb for. If you are fine-tuning a proverbial room (hall, chamber, etc.) then an algorithmic reverb is great and there are lots of good choices.

Can you do this with an IR reverb as well, using a stock small dark room preset and refine? Yes.

But if you’re doing a film mix and want that quiet French farm house, or the Manhattan city echo canyon, or being in the forest, an algorithmic reverb isn’t getting you there (unless you truly and very deeply understand those reverb characteristics - but it would take way too long). If you have good IR libraries (sometimes they come with the sound libraries you buy), it’s very straight forward.

They’re just very different tools, that do have some overlap in the middle. But I think it’s wrong to say Altiverb is too expensive or dated. That’s not the point.


I agree with you. Thank you for this clarification.

Did you find a solution? I’m seeing the same problem on a fairly basic atmos session and makes Altiverb completely unusable.

I started mixing 15 episodes TV series today and I had to give up using Altiverb because of Nuendo freeze.

This is the answer I received from Audio Ease January 11:

Sorry about that. Yes, the slowing down of the Cubase/Nuendo playback curser (or UI updates) when the user interface of Altiverb 8 is open and automation is being used is a known issue. We will solve this in an update. If you close the Altiverb plug-in UI Cubase/Nuendo is fast again. I cannot tell right now when this will be addressed.