New version of Steinberg Activation Manager?

My updater software advises that SAM is now at version

But even using a VPN to access this page ‘from’ Germany, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Can I file a ‘false update’ note with MU?

I wouldn’t mind betting that the parent company of MacUpdater has a connection with applications such as MacKeeper which, unless it has changed, was infamous for installing adware and other unnecessary and potentially nasty “extras”, and was apparently exceedingly difficult to uninstall. Another suspect one was CleanMyMac. Most of these supposed utilities do nothing much more than what MacOS already does. A student I knew about four years ago had three or four of this type of app. on his Mac laptop, each of which claimed to optimize and clean up the system, scan for viruses, generally speed things up, etc., etc. Between them they took over his laptop so thoroughly and “fought” each other so much that even a simple, everyday task such as opening a Microsoft Word document took 12 MINUTES!! I’ll always remember his understatement when he gave it to me to have a look at - “Sir, it’s running a bit slow”. Once I had removed every trace of the various “utilities” he had installed, things behaved as they should.
In your situation, I would do some internet searching regarding MacUpdater and its safety, reliability, etc. I am not personally familiar with it, but if it gives a false update notice then who knows what else is “broken” with it or at least “suspect”.

Thanks for your post, Steven.

Glad to say that’s not it, at all.

For years I used MacUpdate (no final ‘r’). But when MacUpdater came out, it was obvious immediately that it was the superb product of an independent company of great integrity.

There is a gifted and dedicated team of very responsive developers who have built a system of impeccable stability and accuracy.

I suspect that - subject to being advised to the contrary by the equally meticulous Steinberger’s here - an individual user has either made a mistake, or got hold of an advance/beta version.

I do know what you mean about the likes of Clean*****, and MacK***** though! Steer clear of them at all times :slight_smile: !

This might be good news - I suspect MacUpdater compares versions that are running on users mac, rather than working from a approved database - which might indicate, that someone testing steinberg software, is also using the software. And they are testing an updated version (With bug fixed) before Cubase can roll out… hehe

If this is what actually happens, then that would allay the potential concerns I expressed about MacUpdater. As I said in my earlier reply, I am not personally familiar with this particular piece of software (unlike the other two I mentioned), so I have to rely on others’ experience and knowledge of it and anything I can find on the internet from reliable sources.

I would certainly be wary of any site or software that acts as a ‘middle-man’ in downloading the software. MacUpdate “dot com” was certainly that, and I believe they did modify the installers with adware or similar.

Nearly all software I have is either on the Mac App Store, and so I get a Notification of updates; or it has its own “Check for Updates” feature, which usually mean that whenever I want to do somework, I get nagged about a new version that I ought to download and install first… :roll_eyes:

I could be wrong, but unless you need to change your licence in some way, I don’t think you need worry about keeping SAM up-to-date.



No - it uses signed versions from several (manufacturers’) database(s):slight_smile:

I do appreciate your concerns, though. There’s so much… ‘interference’ these days :frowning: .

It is, @Rudi007; as I say (and not trying to advertise here, I promise - just suggest a really good utility), I’ve found MacUpdater to be flawless (apart from the odd anomaly, like this, apparently… maybe three or four a year) compared with the alternatives. The developers really know their stuff.

They explained the process and pitfalls to me in great detail when I wrote that review.

And, Yes - they do rely on user reports in part. Again, like (I assume) this one for SAM.

This is the reply I received from one of their team this morning:

> We’ve fixed the configuration file and MacUpdater won’t show the update again - takes a few hours.
> Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend!

Which - rather than get no reply and/or just leave it up, is good enough for me :slight_smile: .

You don’t need to worry about manually updating Steinberg Activation Manager manually. When you run Steinberg Download Manager, it and any other required components that comprise what we think of as the “Steinberg runtime environment” (which includes not only Steinberg Activation Manager, but also Steinberg Library Manager, and, for a while longer at least, eLicenser Control Center) will automatically be updated if necessary. You won’t normally need an update to these components until you come to install a new Steinberg product or update an existing one, in which case you will be running Steinberg Download Assistant anyway at that point, and SDA will take care of any required updates at that point.


Very helpful, Daniel; thanks!

I’m obviously trying to be too meticulous with keeping things up to date.

Dorico 4 Pro, BTW, continues to amaze me. Thanks :slight_smile: .